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My face says it all lol. Probably the most beautiful breathtaking place I’ve ever seen in my life????❤️ Got up at 5am on my day off for a 4 hour train ride and it was so worth it. This is a day I’ll never forget. Switzerland you are so STUNNING !
04/25/2021 06:17
In love w/ Lugano ❤️????????
04/24/2021 01:15
Happy Birthday to this hairy man.????Thank you for loving me the way that you do, for always making me happy, respecting me and for supporting my crazy dreams. You are so lovely and I am so thankful you exist and that we found each other in such a crazy world at such terrible times. You are my safe place❤️ It was truly fate that brought us together & I promise to always take care of you and to love you with all of my heart. I don’t know where I’m going to be In 5 years from now but I hope it’s somewhere with a beautiful view and beside you. Te amo mi amor feliz cumpleaños I wish you all the happiness, growth and joy that this life has to offer you. ❤️❤️ Here’s to more adventures together xx
04/19/2021 06:21
@fashionnova There’s something magical about this city ???? fashionovapartner
04/15/2021 09:44
La Règle du jeu ????
04/14/2021 05:44
???????? by @samdameshek ????????
04/13/2021 07:43
@fashionnova A cute Saturday spent in Italy ???? AKA Venice Beach Canals CA let me dream fashionovapartner
04/11/2021 05:40
Don’t mess with a Scorpio woman ????❤️???? La Règle du jeu a 16mm short film by @samdameshek DP: @bigtonewhippinwork Poem by: Sam’s mom @my3boyzrok Gaffer: Luis @filmvans Hair: @stephanie.a.smith Makeup: @elaynabachman Styling: @natasha.colvin Location: @thekingsleyhouse
04/08/2021 10:17
Mon petit chapeau
03/31/2021 09:16
not your mami????????????
03/31/2021 06:41
03/24/2021 03:02
Did the most extreme hike of my life today and survived ????❤️
03/22/2021 08:56

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