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Thank you to @scott_feinberg & @americanfilminstitute for hosting this zoom crew yesterday. What a treat to get to spend a Sunday afternoon talking @imyourwomanmovie and more fantastic films with this talented bunch. #IndieContendersPanel
10/19/2020 09:28
It’s not real til it’s on a cookie. Stay tuned for more on #YearlyDeparted!
10/17/2020 05:39
I’m voting in honor of all the women who came before me and future generations to come. These beautiful VOTE hoops by my friends at @shiffonco + @whenweallvote were created to celebrate and remember the many brave women who jumped through hoops for our right to vote. Each pair funds critical voter outreach during this critical election. More info in stories ✨#HoopsToVote
10/15/2020 03:21
10/13/2020 08:35
We made a thing and can’t wait to share it with you. #ImYourWoman 12.11.20
10/13/2020 07:07
Snoot & boot
10/06/2020 12:54
Wear a gd mask ✨
10/04/2020 01:37
Look out world - New Yorkers on the road! ???? (never fear @elmonterv @roadbearrvrentals, we promise to bring Barb home safe & sound)
09/27/2020 10:53
Mask game strong. Hat game stronger. We’re slowly and safely getting back to it but first costume fitting is in the books ???? Damn, it feels good to be (almost) back.
09/23/2020 10:13
About last night ✨
09/21/2020 06:09
Pajamas but make it fashion ????✨???? Shoutout and massive thanks to some badass New Yorkers for making our #EmmysAtHome dreams come true - @christyrilling for bringing these lewks to life (including the pups) and @lauriesimmons for this gorgeous “dancing poppy” print. Thank you to @retrouvai for these special jewels, @rogervivier for the perfect shoes & @jillandjordan for bringing the whole thing together. But the BEST PART is that these generous designers have agreed to donate our looks to the @radvocacy auction where 100% of the sales will benefit @whenweallvote! Bid for them and other #emmys looks at from September 23 - October 2. And if you’re not already registered, please register to vote tonight!
09/21/2020 06:07
Gutted. Rest well, RBG. Thank you. “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen to side with the oppressors.”
09/19/2020 04:39