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Missing my @biglittlelies team!! Love you all. ❤️ (This is from Season 1 shooting in Big Sur, CA. with our amazing director #JeanMarcVallee and our director of photography @yvescsc)
07/08/2020 09:24
This show has always been about so much more than the exploration of motherhood. It dissects the complexities of race, class, privilege and acceptance. Now more than ever I hope the series sparks meaningful and necessary discussions. I am so grateful to have worked with this group of incredibly talented and diverse women who were willing to have open and sometimes hard conversations. I hope you all enjoyed it! ???? @littlefireshulu @simpsonstreet @hellosunshine @kerrywashington @liztigelaar @officiallexiunderwood @vancityjax @jadepettyjohn_official @itsmeganstott @gavinklewis @jordanelsass @stevontehart @hulu @pronounced_ing
07/07/2020 07:42
Exploring ????: @derekblasberg
07/06/2020 07:05
Celebrate your Independence by making sure you are registered to vote! It’s up to every U.S. citizen to be part of creating the change you want to see in our country. Let’s get involved in our communities, our schools, our local governments. Your participation MATTERS. @whenweallvote @rockthevote @iamavoter ???????? #UseYourVoice #RegisterToVote
07/04/2020 08:25
Love this kid a whole lot ????
07/02/2020 06:54
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07/01/2020 09:01
“Planting a garden means you have hope for the future.“ ???? I read that quote this week and thought: every single person who has made an effort to learn more and do better is investing in our future. I have had many awakening conversations, written emails to leaders, talked to my kids about privilege, signed petitions, donated funds and looked at the ways I have benefited from systemic racism. Trying to see, with new eyes, everything I do not know and can never fully understand. Every single moment of conversation and discussion is an investment in a brighter future. Have you had these moments as well? I hope so. How is your heart? If you feel like sharing, let me know. ❤️
06/30/2020 06:04
As we celebrate #pride???? this month, one word that keeps coming back to me is persistence. Let's continue to work passionately towards equality for all. I believe in the possibility of a world that is united through love, respect and acceptance. May EVERYONE be welcomed and protected.????????️‍????(art by @lisacongdon)
06/27/2020 05:43
Hey Everybody! Wearing a mask is not a political statement. It means you care about other people’s health and safety. Be KIND, wear a mask! #wearadamnmask
06/26/2020 07:14
Last week I got together (virtually, of course!) with some incredible women to discuss the importance of awareness and action. It was unanimously noted that while we are living through a unique moment in history, it is our acts of service that will garner real change. As actors it’s our duty to accept roles that can create change and to hold the companies we work with accountable for equal representation. I’m so moved by these women who show up in big ways to break stereotypes in our industry– @zendaya, @janellemonae, @jenniferaniston, #HelenaBonhamCarter and @fullyrosebyrne – thank you for leading the way. And thank you to @hollywoodreporter for giving us the opportunity to come together and reflect. Full feature linked in my stories ???? (????: @ramonarosales)
06/25/2020 09:03
All the PARENTS out there... let’s do this at home summer camp thing! I LOVE camp! I love a slip’n’slide, popsicles at lunch and some friendship bracelets. But my skills are rusty, to say the least. I’m welcoming all craft ideas and backyard games suggestions! ????
06/24/2020 10:42
Happy Father’s Day to this wonderful dad and to all the Fathers who are raising incredible, thoughtful, compassionate kids! I am celebrating you ALL. ✨❤️
06/21/2020 05:36