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Camera roll dump???? thank you for all the love on The Sleepover! Was just informed that it’s become Netflix’s #1 most watched film according to their global charts right now which makes me so overwhelmed so Idrk what to say other than I’m so thankful. There are several more important things to be thinking about right now during this time of uncertainty and pain and change in the world but just wanted to take a moment. Praying and doing what I can. ❤️
08/27/2020 02:02
She’s a French actress with bangs in between auditions with bangs riding her Vespa with bangs @1883magazine
08/21/2020 10:09
The Sleepover is out!! In honor of that here’s some shenanigans from filming which is mostly just Cree because I’m in love with her but that’s besides the point. Thank you to @netflix and @ldentertainment and @bigbadtrish And everyone in the cast and crew for creating such an amazing environment to work in. So so grateful. Hope you love the movie !! Go watch it !!
08/21/2020 09:57
So excited for this one. ???? August 21st!! @netflix @netflixfamily #TheSleepoverMovie
08/05/2020 08:17
On August 21st, prepare for a sleepover like no other. Watch The Sleepover, only on Netflix. @NetflixFamily @Netflix #TheSleepover
07/09/2020 07:00
A message to myself! The fight isn’t over. There is still so much to be done. DONT STOP NOW. Keep signing petitions. Keep donating. Keep protesting. Keep emailing and calling. Keep posting and reposting. Keep supporting black owned businesses. Keep amplifying black voices. KEEP EDUCATING. Keep having those conversations. Keep realizing where you’ve gone wrong. Where you’ve unintentionally perpetuated racism. Take the steps to become a better ally- one that isn’t surface level. It is your responsibility to be anti-racist. It is your responsibility to confront racist ideologies, to listen and learn. Recognize your privilege, even in the smallest of experiences. Recognize the oppression you will never face and feel convicted to reconcile today’s injustices. VOTE when the time comes. Arrest the cops who murdered Breonna Taylor. Justice for George Floyd, Ahmad Arbery, Rayshard Brooks, Elijah McClain and the ever-growing list of hundreds of black lives that have been taken as a result of a racist system that oppresses and targets minorities. Protect black lgbtq+ lives. Black lives matter today and everyday. Click the link in my bio for some resources on tangible ways you can help create change. I encourage you to look for more once your done!
07/09/2020 01:48
Black Lives Matter #blackouttuesday
06/02/2020 07:17
Camera roll tingz
02/28/2020 01:29
Favorite person
02/13/2020 01:16
I adopted two kittens because I’m an adult and I can do that and because I’m a cat lady but like a cool cat lady???? the black one came with the name Copa but I also call her Chicken cause I thinks that’s a funny name for a cat. The other one came with the name Gobble which fits him perfectly but he also goes by Gobs, Mr. Gobble, and nugget among other names. I got them from @perrys_place_la which is a wonderful organization that has saved so many cats. They were so helpful and have tons of kittens/cats for adoption if ur looking! Mine are loving the apartment and laughing at the girls on the bachelor with me ???????? and yes that is the Kardashians on the tv in the background ok I’m a sucker for reality television and so are my children(cats).
02/05/2020 11:57
Big heads @sophiejstanley
01/24/2020 10:45
Mm hmm
01/22/2020 12:12