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05/02/2021 06:46
Velma ❤️????
05/02/2021 06:46
Today I found out we reached 30 million records ???? to all my team and to my fans....This moment is for all of us. Thank you for believing in me and sticking with me over these years. Cheers ???? ❤️
05/02/2021 06:37
Happy Easter from me and @radrigue5
04/04/2021 01:23
Taking a hike
04/02/2021 12:49
Spring 2021 x
04/02/2021 12:47
Time After Time ⁠⁠ @cyndilauper I will be true to you
03/19/2021 09:21
Hello everyone... My live album 'Love Goes: Live at Abbey Road Studios' is out now ???? ???? The show was such a beautiful moment that I'm so glad I was able to share with you all. I can't wait for you to relive it with me xx
03/19/2021 12:31
My Oasis. @jadeanouka A longing to be remembered
03/19/2021 01:07
Lay Me Down. ⁠⁠ I long for you⁠⁠ Love Goes: Live At Abbey Road Studios ⁠⁠ Midnight Tonight
03/18/2021 08:01
Too Good At Goodbyes. The pain of recollection
03/17/2021 11:30
Promises. @calvinharris A fickle lust
03/15/2021 08:15

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