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When she says she’s a XS
01/06/2021 05:06
Countdown to my first Zoom call of the work week in the new year
01/04/2021 05:25
Those are some tough choices. #TrickyChallenge
01/01/2021 02:04
I was told I don’t share enough of my training. I hope this helps y’all know I’m serious.
12/30/2020 05:05
#noahdavis #art
12/29/2020 05:00
12/27/2020 11:34
12/24/2020 05:01
I love rainbows. They are a gift from God when I see one in the sky I remember his pact with all life. The Cake I made was delicious too.
12/23/2020 04:59
Nighty night
12/21/2020 04:50
Meet Christa Lynch, Marissa Tayaba, Deborah Flanagan, Erica Escalante and Varuna Srinivasan. These women have shown exceptional courage in 2020 and were selected to be part of @Bumble’s Women of Courage list. Read more about them below or click the link in my bio for the full @voguemagazine article. Marissa Tayaba is a cardiovascular nurse who made a fast pivot to the Covid unit when the pandemic began. She prioritizes her patient’s needs every single day. To Marissa, nursing is not a profession, but a calling. Deborah Flanagan is a teacher of 43 years who quickly embraced technology to make sure her Fifth Grade students continued to receive a quality education. She spends hours on lesson plans to engage students and keep their spirits high. Christa Lynch began a non-profit to provide healthy meals to women and their families when the pandemic hit and saw the opportunity to expand her company, @mealsonus, to serve a wider audience while also spreading awareness about food deserts in Brooklyn. Erica Escalante believed in the power of food to bring people together in the pandemic and adapted her cafe @cafereina_pdx to serve her customers and help surrounding restaurants. She became an leader for her industry pushing for support to help small businesses keep going. Varuna Srinivasan felt she couldn’t be herself when she was growing up in her South Asian community. In 2020, she’s educated herself on issues her community faces and has forged new spaces for people to learn, find resources, and embrace who they are. #BumbleCourage #BumblePartner
12/18/2020 07:36
2020 has been a challenging year, but it’s taught us that human connection is everything. That’s why I partnered with the women-first social networking app, @bumble, to select five women who have shown great courage in the face of difficulty. This week, I’ll be sharing each woman on the Women of Courage list that was featured in a @voguemagazine shoot. They have each been pillars of their communities and their exceptional strength has not gone unnoticed. Click the link in my bio to read more. #BumblePartner #BumbleCourage
12/16/2020 08:01
#FCMostProductive Cover. @fastcompany Photographer: @djenebaaduayom Hair: @angelameadowssalon Makeup: @natashagrossmakeupartist
12/15/2020 07:26

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