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If there is one thing to watch, it is this. This documentary moved me to my core and gave me an even deeper understanding of our connection to other living beings and our precious planet. Please watch.
09/17/2020 07:34
#neverforget Never.
09/12/2020 07:16
Devastating. Loss of life, human and animal. Loss of homes and structures. My thoughts and prayers are with each and every person and the wildlife impacted. Thank you to the firefighters who risk their lives. All of our first responders.
09/11/2020 10:57
#ShannenTip how to be just like #SMG - you don’t need an #smgtipoftheday when you have me!! @sarahmgellar
09/08/2020 10:35
Might need dance classes....
09/08/2020 07:14
Repost from @sarahmgellar • #winechallenge well... it’s #laborday weekend and we always spend it with @theshando (usually involving the #malibuchilicookoff ) but since this year the party just consists of us, we figured why not try the wine challenge. We ARE the party. #quarantine month 6. (Thank you @kurtiswarienko for the camera work)
09/06/2020 09:57
Simply the best. #nationaldogday
08/27/2020 12:36
This is a tough one. I have owned police trained dogs in the past. They are exceptionally well trained and disengage with a command if the handler and dog have the right working relationship. I also currently have a dog that is very dog aggressive. Had the pit bull been my Bowie, she would of been shot in the head. Yes, I wasn’t there so it’s hard to know every detail however, the fast draw of guns is an issue we all are aware of. I would personally suggest that this officer might not be the right person for a k9. I don’t have the answers but I do question why other methods weren’t used to separate the dogs. I am also very sensitive to police dogs. They are officers. Friendly discussion please. This is not a feed to tear each other apart but rather to “hear” other opinions and have a healthy discussion. Repost from @animalhopeandwellness • Detroit Dog Shooting Update: . After posting the video online and asking the public to call the Mayor and the Detroit Police Department. The precinct sided with the officer, even though there was video footage, and said the shooting of the dog in the head was justified. . The officer was not reprimanded and is back on duty. The police department blamed the owner of the dog saying she should have controlled her pet, even though the dog was behind the fence. . It is sad to think that police would shoot a dog in the head, instead of working to separate them. After watching the video many times, we feel that the situation could have been avoided, or handled differently. . @dogsofahwf @animalhopeinlegislation
08/24/2020 09:44
Summer with family. Just nothing but love, kindness and a deep appreciation for each other. Plus she gets me to smile big. @sarahmgellar
08/23/2020 10:08
Then there’s us. Always.
08/23/2020 04:13
I mean I crush on you everyday. Love you S. Repost from @sarahmgellar • #womancrushwednesday Today I want to raise a toast to @theshando Everybody deserves to have a friend like Shannen...I’m just lucky that I get to claim her. This has been a hard month for me, and even with everything on her plate, she takes care of me like no other. I feel so lucky, and just wanted to send some insta love her way. I love you S #wcw
08/12/2020 11:13
I met Wilford when we did Our House together. He taught me a lot on that show. He also gave me a horse named Brownie. Taught me how to ski in Utah. Had 2 African Grey’s that would curse and call his dogs only to laugh at them when they came running. He gave big hugs and told great jokes. He was in fact like a grandpa to me for a very long time. He was talented and will be missed. Wilford
08/02/2020 11:52