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Pizza day!
03/01/2021 03:42
Why do we humans feel that we need to cull ? Nature and animals naturally balance themselves. It’s us that have disrupted things. Please read below and go to @wolfconservationcenter bio, follow link and comment please! Repost from @wolfconservationcenter • URGENT ???? In February the Idaho Fish and Game Commission announced a proposal to expand wolf hunting and trapping across the state. This proposal would allow year round trapping on public and private land including areas that border Yellowstone National Park, create a 12 month hunting season statewide and more. YOU can help NOW by submitting a comment. Direct link to additional information including where and how to comment is located in the link tree in our bio. Comments accepted through February 25! Thank you Photo by WCC Curator Rebecca Bose #wolfconservationcenter #alawa #wolf #standforwolves #wolves #takeaction #makeadifference #speakup #comment #idaho #help
02/26/2021 02:12
Just a little obsessed with my @o3waterworks laundry system! Remember to set to cold water and no need for laundry detergent ever again. Check out @annemkortright and me installing it on our stories. Use code: SD15 for a discount ????
02/24/2021 02:33
Just a dog and her ball
02/23/2021 09:25
Ok so I’m loving this show!! I’m also enjoying watching @brianaustingreen guess and do little dances. I think I know who tulip and cotton candy are but no clue on sloth. Anyone have their guesses ? Who’s watching tonight besides me??!! @foxtv
02/17/2021 11:42
Naturally formed heart in my coffee cup. #valentines
02/15/2021 11:35
Hopefully seeing what rodent poison does to other animals like this owl, will help people find it in their heart to stop with the poison. Thank you to @cawildlife for taking in so many animals that humans hurt #stopwithpoison
02/10/2021 02:54
Today is an epic day because on this day, @chriscortazzo was born (we don’t talk about how many years ago). I couldn’t ask for a more kind, loving, compassionate, funny best friend. You are a rock and not only am I blessed with your friendship but the world is just a better place with you in it. I love you Chris!! Happy birthday!
02/06/2021 12:11
My @o3waterworks laundry solution is here! Now waiting for @annemkortright to come install it. Use my code for a discount. Code:SD15
02/03/2021 01:33
Lazy mornings for my Bowie.
01/31/2021 11:36
When your phone is confiscated by Aniello @chriscortazzo
01/27/2021 06:56
01/22/2021 08:19

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