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Thinking of all of you this Labor Day weekend
09/05/2020 10:51
When I started...
09/03/2020 11:34
08/30/2020 11:50
What an honor it was to work on this show. It’s truly sad that we dont get to come back for a second season. But so many wonderful memories were made during the making. I can’t thank everyone attached to this project for taking a chance on a zero credit, first time actor. @jonathan_entwistle @christyjanaehall everyone at @21lapsentertainment and @netflix This show made a dream come true for me. And I’ll never forget the time. All my love and thanks to the cast and crew. What an amazing pleasure to work with you all. Rich, wyatt, Sophia,Sofia,Marisa, Zach you guys are incredible. And it was absolutely amazing getting to laugh, goof around, be serious, and talk about random stuff, and work with you all. And thank you to everyone who watched and loved the show. This experience was amazing. And I will always remember it.
08/26/2020 02:10
08/14/2020 02:21
#challengeaccepted #womensupportingwomen thank you @stacy_haiduk And thank you to all the incredible and amazing women who inspire me everyday.
07/29/2020 01:17
07/25/2020 09:46
My heart breaks. I choose to stand and listen. To help in anyway I can. #blackouttuesday
06/02/2020 06:30
Captions aren’t my strong suit, so here’s my caption. I suck at captions.
04/17/2020 01:16
04/15/2020 01:36
Hope everyone is doing ok during this time!!❤️❤️ @krissy
04/08/2020 12:14
Missing being behind a camera
04/07/2020 02:14