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Ahahahaha wait for it ???? I dieddddd
03/29/2021 10:42
This is how my face feels after eating pizza twice this week lolll thankfully this pimple mud I found on @pildoranow is bring me back to life lollll
03/28/2021 08:49
Mommy or daddy, you choose lolll ???? by @hailjphotos @haileyclauson
03/26/2021 07:23
What is your morning routine? Mine is morning snuggles, wash my face with cold water, make grav breakfast, get myself some coffee,(add some of these adaptogens into it, found on @pildoranow ????) get grav dressed, get myself dressed and head out to whatever fun day we have planned????????
03/25/2021 09:33
Ahahaha the sauce lord
03/23/2021 01:01
What song has kept you sane during the lockdown? ???? @alo (their new bodysuit is tooo cute)
03/18/2021 09:43
Grav is always a big mood
03/17/2021 08:21
These two goobers are my favorite, never a dull moment loll @clararugaard
03/15/2021 10:59
If you didn’t know March is Women’s History Month and I can’t begin to express how inspiring it is to see some of my close friends’ business featured on @routeapp ! I love how easy it is to connect with women owned brands through the women owners collection! I actually want to share a quick story of connection with you guys, a story about connecting with my womanhood and women around me. Anyone who knows me knows that I have pretty masculine energy. So I always connected more with males than females. I felt like femininity was somehow related to weakness so for me to make it through this crazy life I would have to shy away from the feminine side of me. This all shifted when I had Gravity. Actually when I was pregnant seeing how capable my body was of creating life, dealing with pain and handling pain with grace and understanding. And how powerful and strong my little girl is already. Now I couldn’t be more in awe of a woman’s strength. Here’s to us ladies let’s celebrate! ????????
03/14/2021 09:14
Dreamlike state ????by @daniellamidenge
03/11/2021 10:04
Mood today????????
03/06/2021 11:25
Hiking is lyfe hahaha @clararugaard
03/05/2021 09:25

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