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my coven bubble surprised me with late birthday love over break xx these the real ones to be celebrated???? thankful for you & the year ahead ????
01/10/2021 12:15
some moments that grounded my messiness in the last 365 days✨ cheers to cherishing our little pieces ????
01/02/2021 05:32
thanks for 22 stinkers???? here are the only photos i have without masks on
12/11/2020 09:46
this woman has consciously chosen to be my friend for 19 years. i bless whatever bad karma condemned her by my side. happy birthday you little ball of sunshine????
11/24/2020 08:35
don’t fuck up the feng shui
11/23/2020 09:11
all this rain is making me miss my sunshine @pamsadowick
11/05/2020 11:02
wine for dinner counts as plant based right? okay, see you in another 4 months
10/10/2020 01:28
swipe for a pointless thread of me eating laksa
06/24/2020 09:27
#JUNETEENTH share a little history, i encourage to pass this on with friends to spread both awareness and celebration of remembrance????
06/20/2020 02:58
amazing resources!! in honour of pride month, i encourage everyone to do a little google search about it’s history and it’s landmarks. we celebrated an incredible step yesterday. things are moving. gradually, but under our pressure. here are a few organizations to support &/or donate to: @fake.and.basic: “Black transfeminine people are among the most vulnerable in society: 34% of Black trans women live in extreme poverty compared to 9% of non-trans Black people. Black trans women also face the brunt of police violence. 38% of them reported harassment and 15% reported assault according to a National Transgender Discrimination survey. Recently, they’ve also been subject to harassment and discrimination while seeking testing and care for COVID-19.“ #PRIDE #BLACKLIVESMATTER
06/16/2020 09:58
vancouver!! @tiernanhickson , @kelceymawema and i being the foodies we are tried out @jukefriedchicken the other day. PHENOMENAL!! here’s a list of black owned businesses to patronize and other resources #blackbusinesses
06/12/2020 10:58
hi instagram! a lot of you are returning to regularly scheduled programming- while this happens i think it’s important to encourage consistency. however that looks to you. i think it’s also important to remember it is not your job, nor your responsibility to educate the ignorant. we cannot force a change of heart. ‬ ‪however, we can support open conversation and challenge closed minded thinking. these conversations must continue ‬in order to draw change #BLACKLIVESMATTER #PRIDEMONTH
06/12/2020 10:57

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