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swipe for a pointless thread of me eating laksa
06/24/2020 09:27
#JUNETEENTH share a little history, i encourage to pass this on with friends to spread both awareness and celebration of remembrance????
06/20/2020 02:58
amazing resources!! in honour of pride month, i encourage everyone to do a little google search about it’s history and it’s landmarks. we celebrated an incredible step yesterday. things are moving. gradually, but under our pressure. here are a few organizations to support &/or donate to: @fake.and.basic: “Black transfeminine people are among the most vulnerable in society: 34% of Black trans women live in extreme poverty compared to 9% of non-trans Black people. Black trans women also face the brunt of police violence. 38% of them reported harassment and 15% reported assault according to a National Transgender Discrimination survey. Recently, they’ve also been subject to harassment and discrimination while seeking testing and care for COVID-19.“ #PRIDE #BLACKLIVESMATTER
06/16/2020 09:58
vancouver!! @tiernanhickson , @kelceymawema and i being the foodies we are tried out @jukefriedchicken the other day. PHENOMENAL!! here’s a list of black owned businesses to patronize and other resources #blackbusinesses
06/12/2020 10:58
hi instagram! a lot of you are returning to regularly scheduled programming- while this happens i think it’s important to encourage consistency. however that looks to you. i think it’s also important to remember it is not your job, nor your responsibility to educate the ignorant. we cannot force a change of heart. ‬ ‪however, we can support open conversation and challenge closed minded thinking. these conversations must continue ‬in order to draw change #BLACKLIVESMATTER #PRIDEMONTH
06/12/2020 10:57 white community & allies take NOTES!! sign up- it takes 20 seconds. keep the conversations going. in your home. with your friends. partners. challenge those who are silent. listen. unlearn. relearn. these protests are the very beginning of progress. link also in bio ????????
06/08/2020 05:55
06/06/2020 05:23
there are many of you that cannot protest in your cities. donations and petitions are a great way to show your support, i have links in my stories and bio- the minnesota freedom fund have paused their donations but have listed other great resources to donate to. even if it’s the cost of your daily coffee. there are also many documentaries available on netflix & other streaming sites to further your knowledge. protesting is just the beginning of progress! we can’t stop here. #BLACKLIVESMATTER
06/03/2020 01:28
black lives matter. #blackouttuesday keep conversations going in your home!! read about it! watch documentaries!! share black art. educate yourself on your privilege. educate yourself on the violence. keep the news on! we’re through with hiding. i’m using this time to truly dissect my white privilege, something we’d rather hide from than acknowledge. i understand that i will never understand. don’t drown the BLM hashtag with the blackout, use it to educate others on protests and share helpful information
06/02/2020 07:57
me spilling tea to @kelceymawema @vtmag & BTS! photography - @aaron.desilva styling - @wolfette.styling production assist - @tamzinbirch + @krispykolt hair styling - @shear.ambition makeup artistry - @liana.artistry
05/24/2020 09:59
i love you all with every inch of my beating heart. it’s very difficult to put my feelings and gratefulness into words. eliot, thank you for your giant beautiful brain. to this day i can’t even begin to fathom how much of your soul you’ve given to your work. we see you. for all you are. steve!! thank you for being a light in the dark. for your patience, for truly hearing us. for being the greatest captain. kevin, thank you for being a pillar and a rock. for protecting us and keeping us safe. to our entire hair, makeup and wardrobe departments- thank you for being a form of therapy you never signed up for???? your loving energy got us through so many long days. our camera dept and crew- for your dedication and carrying us when we thought we were too tired to keep going. your hard work paid off a million and then some. to my beautiful girls and cast- there isn’t enough space here to put how i feel about you. you’ve taught me about strength and integrity and how to remain true to who i am when i’m stumbling. how to laugh when i really feel like crying and how to lead when i need to. i admire you all and dream of being like you when i grow up. thank you for everything you’ve given me. there is so much love surrounding us and this thing we’ve made. thank you to every person who watched and pleaded with the networks just so we can keep creating. we LOVE you. thank you.
05/21/2020 08:29
here comes season 2! @motherlandtv so proud of everyone who made this happen. we were all moved to tears this morning. season 1 finale tomorrow night! thank you all!!
05/19/2020 09:35