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???????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????????? & ???????????????????? EXCEPT our film (@passingmovie), these three @rodarte beauts, and my dog Coltrane.
10/20/2021 07:59
Thank you to @theacademy for having me at the exquisite opening of the @academymuseum — was a pleasure to share the night with my brilliant @passingmovie collaborators & real treat to celebrate cinema giants Haile Gerima and Sophia Loren — the latter I got to hold a door open for as I swooned. Unforgettable evening. Grateful for all who made it possible.
09/27/2021 05:45
In select theaters in October, on @netflix November 10th. @netflixfilm
09/22/2021 01:04
09/21/2021 04:31
Rooting for everyone in Black in this picture.
09/20/2021 12:46
The majesty of @lornasimpson.
09/19/2021 10:29
Thank you to dream designer @irisvanherpen and @voguemagazine for having me at the @metcostumeinstitute for the evening. @gettyentertainment ❤️‍???? To the most brilliant collaborators, I am always so grateful for you: head: @lacyredway digs: @waymanandmicah face: @manthony783 hands: @stephstonenails skin: @thebeautysandwich
09/15/2021 11:05
This photo is tattooed on my brain. Lives rent free (no chance of eviction) in my heart.
08/03/2021 06:12
????Condragulate Yourselves ! Also, the second slide is one of my proudest ever moments. ????❤️‍????????????
06/27/2021 10:44
I ❤️‍????NY [Citay]
06/18/2021 09:53

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