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It’s so hard to say goodbye! ???? I’ve been moving this week & it’s been crazy!! Do you guys get attached to places/homes? Or is moving fun & exciting for you? I got all moved out of my place & am working on finding a place now. ???????? Anyways, I just wanted to say hi! ???? May your happiness be high & your stress be low! ????
10/12/2021 08:29
Happy Friday & Happy October!!! Let’s hit the month swingin’ ???????? Last month was a doozy for me! ???????????? ???????????????????????????? <— my emotional state ???? (#QOTD: What was your month emotions in emojis??) - ???? I think I’ve felt EVERY range of emotions possible; from the most excitement, love, hope, freedom, faith, to the most physical pain (in my stomach), to the most adventure & wonder, to the most fear/doubt/sadness/heart-ache. It is wild the capacity & spectrum of emotions one can feel. ???????? Side note speaking of spectrums: “Love on the Spectrum” is the most wholesome beautiful show I’ve ever seen. If you want hope for humanity (and love) - it’s a must watch!! RONAN & KATY!!! Need I say more ???????? ???? Life update: I’ve been in the process of moving and figuring out a lot of life stuff so I haven’t been as active here, but I’ll keep you posted when I know where I land. I miss you all and just know I’m excited for the next chapter, whatever it may be! ❤️
10/01/2021 08:02
TO LIVE is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist. ???? #QOTD: do you live or exist? what makes you feel most alive? For me it’s being 100% present in a moment and feeling like a kid/not being in my head. Side note: for those that have asked about what I used on my eyebrows; I use @juliafariabrows tinted eyebrow gel! I’m obsessed with it and she’s the best! So check it out if you need some eyebrow love! ????????
09/25/2021 05:19
☀️ Sometimes harsh light makes photos cool, other times it just makes you blind ???? I think this was a time it made me blind ???? - Update: The last Dr. prescribed me with some stuff for IBS, and it’s helped me feel significantly better, most the pain has subsided and I almost feel back to normal, thank goodness! ???? Thank you to everyone who reached out and gave me advice. I appreciate all the care and concern! ❤️ I’ve been in Utah for a fun litttle event and am flying home to figure out where I’m moving as my lease is up, so this week should be exciting ???? Wish me luck and if you know any places or are renting out any spots in LA please let me know. ???? Happy Wednesday! ????
09/22/2021 05:51
The worst part of growing up is not having your mom at the dr’s office to answer questions when the dr. asks, “what’s wrong”? ???? you know that *looks immediately at mom for her to answer* - or was that just me? ????‍♀️???? - ???? I’m currently sitting at a dr.s office bored so tell me your best jokes below! ????☺️ the more cringe the better
09/14/2021 09:38
⛅️ A time when you look happy but were actually sad ???? - We both had breakdowns on this mountain followed by some journaling & then Mexican food. Life is about going through the ups and downs with people you love and being able to be real and feel it all. ❤️ so thankful for this chicka @rynnsounds! Side note: I’m excited cause this week I’m going to Nashville for a little trip to write & go to a conference! #adventuretime ❤️
09/13/2021 06:05
???? “I think the universe is on my side, heaven and earth have finally aligned” ✨ I found this little set at a thrift store and was obsessed and thought OH MY GOSH, I need to go to Joshua tree and wear this ???? and so I did! - It’s crazy how time goes so fast!! How are we in SEPTEMBER!! I swear I blink and another week just pasts. Anyways! I just wanted to say hello and I hope you’re doing well! Here’s to another beautiful day ❤️ I’m working on some news songs for YouTube today and also just wrote a new song last night! I can’t wait to share more with you guys! ☺️ ????: @brookelynnelizabeth_ Airbnb: @theoutlaw.pioneertown / @thecohostcompany ❤️
09/09/2021 05:46
I like random little things that I do just for me.. like fun socks!! ???? It’s just a little dash of happiness to my day. ☺️ ???? #QOTD : What little things make you feel happy? ❤️ I also love opening blinds in the morning to let the sun peak through to say hello!
09/03/2021 03:02
???? It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary. ???? like the fresh dewy air when the sun rises or getting under blankets when the AC comes on.. or seeing the clouds slowly pass through the sky ☺️⛅️ Today’s extraordinary cause me & you are alive. ???? (second pic I tried to take a portrait mode selfie ???? but I couldn’t really capture my whole face ????‍♀️ lol) - ???? Out of all the books recommended last week I just finished up, “The Alchemist” and it was SO good! There were so many parables and lessons that resonated so deeply with me, with the mysterious ways of life. I highly recommend! This weeks read is “The Great Divorce” by C.S. Lewis if anyone wants to read along this week! Have an awesome Friday!
08/27/2021 04:44
✨ Our greatest adventure in life is the unknown. Oh, to find wonder and hope in the uncomfortable. It’s the only time we’re truly forced to grow. Isn’t that beautiful?! ❤️ - I got to go to Joshua tree last weekend and check out this amazing Airbnb @theoutlaw.pioneertown & @therockstar.pioneertown! We took photos and explored, went hot tubbing, watched the metier shower, and saw the stars without LA’s light pollution. ???? It’s so wonderful to be submersed into nature with wonderful people. To disconnect from the world and to reconnect with the world & fill your soul. Thank you @thecohostcompany for the amazing trip. ????????❤️ - ????: @reallyprettygood + @bringoutthegold
08/19/2021 07:14

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