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You bring out the worst in me.... @kaytranada
09/30/2020 11:54
09/22/2020 08:49
09/01/2020 08:55
08/31/2020 11:13
Nashe said “LGBTQ+ RIGHTS”
08/31/2020 12:32
08/31/2020 12:25
???? drip drip ????
08/30/2020 07:14
Marching in Washington DC today on the 57th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. We absolutely CANNOT stop fighting for what’s right. Black Lives Matter Black children matter Black disabled people matter Black mentally ill people matter Black poor people matter Black LGBT+ people matter Black homeless people matter Every single black life matters... yesterday, today, and forever.
08/28/2020 11:01
Was too pissed about police brutality to post this yesterday, but these are the loves of my life
08/27/2020 04:46
WE ARE TIRED . Art by @peegirl3
08/27/2020 04:12
08/25/2020 07:02
Who gon hold ya down when you’re really goin thru it like me ?
08/23/2020 11:26