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Home is where the heart is… or the gold flakes. Missing my bestie girlies today. @laurarugetti @makeupbyhaileyhoff {don’t forget about me!????} - Makeup : @makeupbyhaileyhoff . Hair: @laurarugetti . Gold flakes : @michaelsstores
09/18/2021 06:24
@whitneycummings where have you been all my life? - Check out the wild journey of a night we went on! Whitney’s amazing podcast @goodforyoupodcast . Our episode is out now. Watch it on YouTube or Spotify. Swipe up to it in my stories. Before you watch it… your welcome! And, my hedgehogs make a special debut ????. Allow me to gush for a moment of non bullshit in an industry full of bullshit. Whitney and I are two peas in a pod. We both have no boundaries and tell it like it is. Deal with it. With a generation that sends nude pics we feel pretty grateful to have each other to send food pics to on sleep aids. And, she always wins! I love you Whitney Cummings. You’ve got a forever friend in me. Xo
09/17/2021 05:19
This guy has lifted me up for 30 years… - @ianziering I’d like to think our forever friendship has lifted you up as well. I can’t lift you physically but I sure can shock you, make you blush, and laugh till you cry! Today… while my BFF @jenniegarth is away filming our boy bestie Ian co-host @9021omgpodcast with me! The episode is out TODAY wherever you listen to your podcast. @iheartradio and swipe up to this episode is on my stories. Fact: Ian remembers even more than I do about the episodes! Also check out our beauty and wellness biz together #team90210 and view our products at
09/13/2021 05:24
My family adores everything about autumn, from falling leaves and Halloween to pumpkin spice and Thanksgiving pie. This year, @personalcreations is making our home the pick of the patch! Our light-up pumpkins totally show off each of our personalities, while the glittery name & initial pumpkins add the most beautiful, elegant touch to our fall décor. Personal Creations is always my go-to, and they’ll make your Halloween a real treat, too! #pumpkinfamily #ad #halloweendecor
09/10/2021 04:08
Happy Birthday to my one and only @laurarugetti … - It started with hair and led to the heart. I’m so blessed to have a friend like you. No one works harder than you! You impress and inspire me daily. All, while being an amazing mama. Together we prove Bawdy Blondes are the best! Love you forever! Xo
09/08/2021 06:36
It breaks my heart ???? that we had to say goodbye to Arthur Bear Reynolds… - We rescued Arthur during The Woolsey fires. So thankful to @muchloveanimalrescue for giving me the privilege to be Arthur’s forever mom. Sadly senior rescues are not as desirable as puppies. But, if you have the opportunity to be a forever home to a senior pet do it! It’s life changing. Arthur was close to 20 when he passed. We didn’t get a long time with him but I’ve cherished the years we had together. I was his human. He was one of the greatest loves of my life. I told him all the time I wish we had met each other when he was a pup. He was so loving. He loved having the kids all over him. He was such a warrior! He never gave up. Such strength and will. I will miss him forever. My room seems so empty now without him. The music I put to these pics popped into my head as I held his paw for the last time. Haven’t listened to this song in years but after I did it made complete sense. Arthur and I were made for each other. Dogs give us unconditional love. Unlike humans. Yet, it’s our pets we have the shortest journey with????. I hope you are running thru beautiful fields now Arthur. I ❤️ U. xoxo
09/06/2021 03:19
So not planned ????… @laurarugetti
09/04/2021 05:12
My Messy Bestie… actually we are the duo you never knew you needed. @snooki you might be my twin flame ( but shorter ????) love the way we empower each other to be our authentic selves. Xo
09/03/2021 05:53
These boots are made for getting MESSY ❤️ . - Hair @laurarugetti using @hiddencrownhair and @ghd_northamerica ❤️ MUA @makeupbyhaileyhoff ???? @dleestyle
09/02/2021 07:20
Just a pearl moment… ???? . - Hair: @laurarugetti . Makeup: @makeupbyhaileyhoff . Nails: @tina.creer
09/02/2021 05:02

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