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Bacon and cheese and peppers on lettuce! ???? Food tastes even better when you sing about it with the fam... How about these wraps, y’all?? ????
01/11/2021 08:15
Makes my runway walk look like trash. Work that catwalk @thelesliejordan!!! TyTy is proud of you, sir! Aren’t y’all?
01/09/2021 02:05
I remember this woman’s stunning face in magazines and backstage at fashion shows around the world. Her style was unique. Her own. Androgyny before it was cool. She had a certain swagger about her that was unlike any other. She is gone too soon. Rest in beauty and peace, Stella (@stellatennant ).
01/05/2021 02:42
@Pantone announced their colors of the year, and one is my favorite color - YELLOW ???? in the shade “Illuminating”. The color yellow represents positivity… and if there is anything we could use more of in 2021 is just that! Nuff said. ????What's your fave color? Can you answer with just an emoji to rep your fave color? Try!
01/04/2021 08:02
Like and comment if I’m right.
01/02/2021 09:30
In 2021, I’m hoping for an eventual safe return back to normal life - where we can all go out on the town, and wear fits like these! Well, not exactly like these. Because these are all 90s to the max. Any of them feel kind of timeless to you? The first one is @RalphLauren fashion show when I was a youngin’. I feel like that could kind of be on a runway today, right? Ok, I’ll confess that I really love me some sweatpants and leggings; I actually feel more home in them than any type of couture on the planet, but mannnn all this time at home has me wanting to go to the grocery store in sweats...and STILETTOS! Serving casual chic LOOKS down the cereal and potato chips aisles! Who’s with me?? ✋????
01/01/2021 09:27
NYE plans:. dressin’ up cute... for me, myself, and I, and staying inside and safe with my mama and my son. ???? Maybe we’ll think up some whacky and creative new projects for next year. Whatchoodoin’ for NYE? Keep it safe, boo. Lemme know below.
12/31/2020 11:01
Looking at 2021 like ????️⁠ ⁠ 2021 has got to be better. We can DO THIS. I feel more ready than ever to take on a new year, and any new obstacles that stand in the way to starting this new business. I’m looking at you @smizecream. Let’s give the people what they want - some darn good ice cream! With delightful edible surprises in each serving that make them smile and spread joy. ⁠ ⁠ Drop your 2020 lessons below, and let me know what you’re eager to accomplish in 2021!????
12/29/2020 10:05
Scrolling thru the ‘gram and came across this beauty. I don’t know her but feel Iike I do when I look at her eyes. Right? Shower her with likes & comment love. @ellietheemodel
12/28/2020 04:10
Get it, Martha. Looking like the chicest #AfterChristmas sales catalogue. Y’all know she was a model, right? The hand couture let’s us know! Love you so much @marthastewart48!
12/27/2020 02:32
Christmas Back in the Day. And...Christmas Today. ????????
12/25/2020 08:46
Merry Christmas to you and your family, from me and mine. ????Wishing you a day full of love, food, and family (even if it’s virtually). ❤️⁠ ⁠ ????: @yvessed
12/25/2020 08:30

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