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When @chocolatemommyluv comes home with ✨YAMS ✨ #SweetPotatoePieSeason
11/21/2020 01:12
GUESS WHO’s BACK ???? You know Zoey COULD NOT miss THE EVENT OF THE YEAR: Ruby & Pops Wedding TONIGHT ON @blackishabc ????????????
11/19/2020 04:18
SQUEEEEEZE ???? ????Circa ‘08 W/ my partner in crime @sayeedshahidi ????
11/19/2020 01:40
Our hair is fashion ✨
11/15/2020 12:41
Happy Birthday to the brilliant, thoughtful @whoopigoldberg ✨ Throwin’ it back to our Shakespearean conversations that I will ALWAYS remember ✨#HappyBirthday ✨
11/14/2020 07:27
(LINK IN BIO) Let’s quick chat about the upcoming Georgia runoff elections! #wevotenext #weleadnow ????TURNING 18 before 1/5/21 YOU CAN VOTE????????
11/12/2020 01:06
11/10/2020 07:53
????IT IS OUR DUTY TO FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM// IT IS OUR DUTY TO WIN ✨ @osopepatrisse ???? sharing the words of Assata Shakur spoken by @osopepatrisse that I’ve kept close to my heart & purpose⚡️#inspiration
11/09/2020 09:34
Our peer group proves you’re NEVER too young to be civically engaged - So grateful to be a part of a group who orients their energy/action/passion to social justice⭐️Big love to my awesome little cousin (she called the election waaay before AP did) ⭐️
11/08/2020 08:02
⚡️ HISTORY MADE ⚡️ I can’t put into words how grateful I am to wake up to a #BidenHarris world! Chills thinking about the trauma so many of us endured the past four year and the POTENTIAL of the next four years ⭐️ THANK YOU YOU TO EVERYONE WHO SHOWED UP AND SHOWED OUT THIS ELECTION (s/o @staceyabrams and Georgia) The work continues ???? #BidenHarris2020
11/08/2020 01:36
11/07/2020 08:13
“IMMA TAKE A NAP ... Imma take a nap here..” ???? What are YOU doing for self-care right now?
11/05/2020 10:24

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