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Pajama chic ????
07/11/2020 02:46
JOIN US TONIGHT @totellthetruthtv with me paDRE @anthonyanderson ???????? COME VISIT US @grownish more❣️❣️❣️❣️
07/10/2020 01:17
COVER STAR & SUPER STAR ⭐️ Forever in awe of @simonebiles ⭐️
07/09/2020 09:19
✨What a wonderful convo with my sis @eboneedavis x @prada ✨ Bringing our full selves into all that we engage in ✨
07/07/2020 07:22
Spreading L❤️VE on the TL// (curls flourishing from @patternbeauty)
07/06/2020 06:30
3 years ago and, unfortunately, still relevant ???? (Thank you for resharing @/Hannabekelee)
07/05/2020 01:44
||TUESDAY JULY 7th @ 12-3 ⭐️WONDALUNCH⭐️ Excited to collaborate with the incredible @janellemonae x @repmaxinewaters x @repbarragan, x @angelarye for #WONDALUNCH to provide FREE contact-free meals! Families have to pre-register at ????: @iamadrianjavon
07/03/2020 07:54
CHLOE ⭐️ Happy birthday to this super-producer,super incredible and talented human, and super friend! Can’t wait for what this next spin around the sun will bring ⭐️ Love You @chloexhalle
07/01/2020 06:58
????Love is Love, forever and always #Pride
07/01/2020 08:21
???? Moments I’m Grateful for ???? repost from @chocolatemommyluv
06/28/2020 07:33
“Here we stand on the precipice of progress and possibility. My generation proudly takes ownership of our identities and revels in our intersections. So why, at 20, do I feel as though we are looking for a home?” // ???? I wrote about being 20 & our generational project of finding home in this world for @portermagazine (link in bio)????
06/25/2020 08:42
Our entertainment industry must be COMMITTED to justice and equity on AND off-screen ???? Read our letter & full list of demands at (Link in bio) #Hollywood4BlackLives #DefundThePolice
06/24/2020 07:31