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And that’s that’s on that ????????‍♀️
07/03/2020 02:34
Tonight at 8pm EST I will be doing a live reading of “Up in The Air”, written by @jasonreitman and Sheldon Turner. Link to watch in bio! But most importantly, this reading is being put together by Acting for a Cause, an organization that has partnered with @eifoundation to support their art education program, @sinaichicago , and @yourrightscamp ???? The Know Your Rights Camp was founded by @kaepernick7 and was created with the mission “to advance the liberation and well-being of Black and Brown communities through education, self-empowerment, mass-mobilization and the creation of new systems that elevate the next generation of change leaders.” I have donated, and if you feel that you can swing it yourself, please go to (link in bio) in order to give what you can! Acting for a cause is run by volunteers, so our donations fully count toward the causes being supported. But again, no pressure to give. You can also watch for free or just spread the word on these great organizations. Black lives matter, always.
06/30/2020 11:44
I don’t think that whatever I post today is going to reinvent the wheel, and I’ve been feeling very strange about social media, but I did want to express my frustration and sadness regarding the murder of George Floyd. I haven’t really known what to say at all, but here I am. Black history in the US has been marked by generations of trauma, and we still are traversing a world where we are still feeling like we are meant to be “tolerated”. We don’t want to be “tolerated”, we want to thrive and love and live, but so much in our society inhibits those freedoms. I think about my dear brother and fearing for him and my own dear children when they come into the world one day. What world and message are we gifting them? Black lives matter. All of a sudden so many people are speaking out, but are they just realizing this now? Black men, black women, and black children matter. Some organizations we’ve supported and donated to are in the bio. Art by Kerry James Marshall.
06/03/2020 03:10
a s k • m e • a n y t h i n g • Have never done one before! In the comments. Will randomly answer some tomorrow in my stories.
05/13/2020 01:31
Happy Earth day. There is no planet B. Throwback to flying over beautiful, mysterious Utah. Let’s keep it wild.
04/22/2020 11:19
O o p s
03/11/2020 05:20
We’re making a movie!!! So proud and honored to be a part of Shelter (that I’m also helping produce!!) with such a talented and hardworking group of people. @davidrysdahl wrote the script and will be starring in it- and I really, really couldn’t be more proud of his tenaciousness, talent, creativity, and ability to bring everyone together ???? so looking forward to sharing this story with the world! @jennysuegerber @jasonmichaelberman @halafinley @markbergernyc @datariturner @bp_films_ @_willraynor91
02/26/2020 01:11
Myself and mama drink TEA, okayyyy??? If you’re still ordering pumpkin spice lattes......girl, bye
02/23/2020 02:50
I know it’s been over a WEEK since the Oscars and will probably post more officially on it still, but just wanted to give a little shout out to the dream team first - @tyronmachhausen on makeup, @lacyredway on hair, @solangefranklin on styling, @thombrowneny on custom dress, and @bulgari on jewels. Truly, such wonderful collaborators and creative souls that I have the blessing to work and be friends with ????????‍♀️
02/18/2020 10:39
Good morning, bumblebees. Sleepy, but it’s quiet and calm.
02/10/2020 09:29
We did le BAFTAS!! Thank you to London for being so absolutely smashing, thank you Kensington Palace for being so ~royal~, thank you @PriyaSatiani for being that b*d b*tch 24/7 and being my manager/friend/sister, thank you @davidrysdahl for being that boo and being my guide and convincing me to party despite my utmost resistance- ultimately had a bloody great time. Thank you to my WONDERFUL team, @Lacyredway on hair since day one, @babskymakeup for the vamp lip and calm energy, @solangefranklin for the threads and the lewk, @marinamoscone for the CUSTOM blood burgundy wine red gown. Of course, thank you @jokermovie and @wbpictures for having me tag along and accompany this wonderful film. Thanks eggs for being delicious every morning, and thanks mango for being ripe in the U.K. Ya heard????? ???? Thanks British people for having accents, it means more to me than you know. Anyhow, in New York now, but on my way to the airport to pop up in LA for another fantabulous awards weekend! Cheerio! ????????
02/05/2020 07:57
It’s the least the groundhog could’ve done for us at this point let’s be real
02/03/2020 03:58