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Gene only wears his tap shoes these days. And tati caught the bus.
04/14/2021 06:13
@isabelwilkerson I will never stop recommending her book #castetheoriginsofourdiscontents love black people like you love black culture. MN we see you. We’re with you. ????????
04/14/2021 05:35
Woot woot @hulu
04/12/2021 11:29
They say change isn’t possible in a place like Kentucky. Well, we already proved them wrong. And in 2022, we can do it again. Kentucky can shock the world. That’s why today I'm formally launching an exploratory committee for U.S. Senate. Join us at the link in @booker4ky bio.
04/12/2021 11:03
04/12/2021 05:17
Excuse to post pictures of my sister who is fun at a party #nationalsiblingsday
04/11/2021 05:28
my first standup set back. I opened for @missingelementshow in a bike lane in queens. I performed at @comedycellarusa Friday and it felt so good. I like my outfit here @lalignenyc pic by @vnina
04/06/2021 05:01
04/04/2021 02:57
Stop billionaires from buying elections. Did you know that politicians in 43 states are trying to pass more than 250 laws to try and make it harder to vote? Luckily, there's a game-changing bill in Congress RIGHT NOW called the #ForthePeopleAct. This bill would: ✅Strengthen election security and secure our voting rights ✅Stop politicians from gerrymandering our congressional districts ✅Crack down on self-serving politicians who write laws to benefit themselves financially ✅End secret donations to politicians and Super PACs. ✅Restrict lobbyists from fundraising for politicians ✅Dramatically decrease politicians’ dependence on special interest money ….and much, much more. Help us pass this historic bill - and stick it to political corruption - at
04/01/2021 06:47
Unstoppable since 81
03/31/2021 02:44
03/30/2021 11:02
I have terrible news. My father was in an unfortunate magician sawing accident. He has a good spirit through it all and we’re still hoping the magician will turn back up
03/30/2021 05:05

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