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@fashionnova fashionnovapartner anyone who argues milkshakes aren’t medicine... fight me.
09/18/2020 04:30
1 year ago today, my life changed. i am filled with so much gratitude for the many amazing memories shared with the most incredible people. forever thankful for Jodi ❤️❤️❤️ (the second slide is the first time i saw the tall girl billboard, i’m lookin rough lol but the one of the most surreal moments of my life)
09/14/2020 12:21
brb putting sweatpants on @fashionnova fashionnovapartner
09/12/2020 04:01
@fashionnova fashionnovapartner — taking a moment to breathe ✨ hoping everyone is enjoying this long weekend and also having a moment for themselves. i am so grateful for those who have put in such hard labor, especially in these crazy past months. A huge thank you to the fire fighters who are risking their lives right now on the california fires. love to all of you, happy labor day ????
09/08/2020 04:02
weekend getaway ????
09/07/2020 04:08
he loves me, he loves me not ???? @fashionnova fashionnovapartner
09/04/2020 04:00
#ad Using Olay’s Fresh Outlast Birch Water & Lavender body wash with Vitamin B3 complex transports me to a much needed spa experience like no other! Not only does this product smell amazing (if only smell-i-vision was real), but it also hydrates my skin like crazy! It always leaves me feeling refreshed and ready for whatever the day brings ???????? #OlayPartner
09/01/2020 12:58
stay close to the people who feel like sunshine ???? @shannonwrightphoto
08/31/2020 04:14
current love of my life ???? @fashionnova fashionnovapartner
08/27/2020 04:00
@fashionnova fashionnovapartner - happier then seagulls with a french fry ????????
08/24/2020 04:02
a lot of things have happened this year, and you have had to bear more than you ever thought you would, but i hope you know, through the difficult and the good, you have also been brave, in a beautiful, honest way, and no matter the progress you feel you have made, you are still growing everyday.
08/20/2020 04:00
all time favorite hairstyle , by my favorite little girl ???? * @itsjojosiwa inspired of course ;)
08/19/2020 04:02