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can confirm, blondes do NOT have more fun
12/01/2021 05:01
happy birthday my love. so grateful for who you are and all that you have brought into my life. my bestie, my adventure buddy, my gooofball, my person !! love you and so happy to celebrate another year of life with you❤️
11/25/2021 05:11
Whole new meaning to in the trenches ????
11/22/2021 05:05
a new york minute
11/21/2021 05:41
s t i l l
11/10/2021 05:05
11/04/2021 04:01
howdy partner ????
11/01/2021 01:13
the peace before the chaos !! thanks @horrornights for letting me see my mom get scared ???? #UniversalHHN
10/28/2021 04:17
happy birthday to the most incredible woman i know. you have the kindest soul, the strongest heart and the brightest light. words cannot even begin to express how much love and admiration i have for you. so honestly i don’t know what to say… other than, i love you endlessly and i am beyond grateful to call you my amazing mama ❤️ you deserve the world !!
10/26/2021 04:42
Knott Scary is a total lie !!! had so much fun screaming my head off with these people ????????
10/24/2021 01:13

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