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Happy birthday @margotrobbie. Love you endlessly
07/03/2020 04:41
06/28/2020 07:53
Please repost and tag your friends! There is a primary election coming up in Kentucky this Tuesday, June 23. What’s happening in Kentucky is a perfect storm of America's most pressing issues. Breonna Taylor was murdered in Louisville and still, there has been no justice. Voter suppression is real; Jefferson County has ONE polling place for 600,000 people. Mitch McConnell’s got to go and in his place we have the chance to elect a senator, Charles Booker, @booker4ky someone who represents our values in this moment, whose work politically and on the ground, is in alignment with the change we want to see. Got to the link in my bio to see how you can help #ALLEYESONKENTUCKY
06/23/2020 02:32
????Hollywood Blvd. What a beautiful sight. #AllBlackLivesMatter
06/15/2020 03:58
It’s hard to feel celebratory after stepping out in Los Angeles to march against police brutality in honor of the too many innocent Black people who have lost their lives. And in addition there have been hundreds and thousands of deaths from this pandemic. But I am proud to recognize that the events at Stonewall in June of 1969 - an event where police forcefully removed Black gay men, drag queens and gay people of all shapes and sizes from a NYC bar - were incredibly impactful due to riots led by transgender activist Marsha P. Johnson. So today - here we are again fighting for justice around the world. While the LGBTQIA+ community has made so many strides forward and still have so many more to go, we join so many of our brothers and sisters in the fight for equality and justice. Thank you @variety for putting me on your cover and @raminsetoodeh for a safe conversation and beautiful words.
06/14/2020 11:09
I am so proud to be a part of a generation who is persistently fighting for equality. Today, I’m honored to #PassThePlatform to an incredible young activist named Eva @imyagirleva • Hi! I’m @imyagirleva a 21 year old Afro-indigenous student, artist, organizer, and seeker of black and brown liberation from the Southside of Chicago. I’m here to talk to y’all about the protests, and what’s happening on the ground I’m Chicago. Thank you Cara for participating in #PassThePlatform
06/09/2020 11:48
I’m proud to call both of these places home. Let’s keep our foot on the gas and continue to demand change. #BlackLivesMatter #DefundThePolice
06/09/2020 04:01
One step forward, but a long way to go. #BlackLivesMatter
06/04/2020 02:42
#justiceforgeorgefloyd #blackouttuesday
06/02/2020 09:06
06/01/2020 06:21
@ddlovato - challenge accepted! I've officially accepted the #ALLINCHALLENGE...Let's come together to help feed the hungry during this time. Link is in my bio to enter for a chance join me on set for an upcoming @Puma shoot, have lunch together, and be featured on my Instagram. Can’t wait! x
05/29/2020 07:52
Love my weekly yoga sesh with the absolute best @colindunsmuir. Keeps me balanced and focus and sane - and I love that you all can join in too ????
05/25/2020 11:13