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is this how you do it?? I still don’t get any of these trends?? what do the little rascals have to do with this? Anyhoo look at my new robes!! so soft, double layered, drapes over your body beautifullllly. And don’t worry no overheating cause it’s temperature regulating as well! Also don’t look at my feet, but love the squishy slippers - they’re super light and easy to walk on! Link in bio for everything.
09/16/2021 09:36
They’re heeeerrrree and they’re spectacular! You will live in our new soft, luxe, double-layered buttery robes and love skipping around in our squishy waffle slippers! Ready to shop now!! Link in bio ????????????????????????????????
09/16/2021 08:09
the category is: waffles and butter!! our @cravingsbychrissyteigen waffle slippers and buttery robes are coming soon so stayyyy tuned!!
09/15/2021 09:20
the joy of your first fly-fishing fish!! very fun, very satisfying, would do again 5 stars!!!
09/15/2021 12:43
u could say I’m a wilderness expert, yes
09/15/2021 12:36
uncle stu!!! how did you get him to smile for these!?! teach meeee @stuholden @karalynholden
09/14/2021 09:26
hotel gift shops are my kryptonite
09/14/2021 09:14
thank you Yai for taking Luna to her first practice with her new team!! I remember you bringing me to mine way back in the day!!! Mom and dad are out celebrating FIFTEEN years together, today. Dear lord!
09/14/2021 04:23
as Kramer would say … giddy up
09/14/2021 12:41
bear hug!!! any guesses where we are? actually I honestly don’t even know I swear to god lol I fell asleep on a plane, woke up and I was here
09/13/2021 09:26

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