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WHAAAAAAAT Sunday Styles front page!! Such an incredible launch day!! You can get @getsafely TOOOODAY! Let me know if you love it okay? Or if you hate it. Jk I’m not new, I know you’ll let me know if you hate it!! So so proud @emmagrede @krisjenner
03/26/2021 06:12
03/26/2021 12:25
NBD!!! Our (very large) baby takes over Times Square!!!! @getsafely
03/26/2021 12:11
John tries his best… @GetSafely is LIVE! @krisjenner and I are on a mission to get rid of harsh chemicals in your cleaning cabinet. Safely is here and you’re going to loooove it. Shop the full line at!!
03/25/2021 09:14
It’s true! The platform no longer serves me as positively as it does negatively, so with that I bid you adieu. But I want to say that this is absolutely NOT twitter’s fault - I believe they do all they can to combat relentless bullying, any honestly, it’s not the bullying!! You guys have no idea how much they’ve reached out and worked with my team and me personally. It’s not the platform. It’s not the “bullying”. And it’s not the trolls. The trolls I can deal with, although it weighs on you. It’s just me. I have to come to terms with the fact some people aren’t gonna like me. I hate letting people down or upsetting people and I feel like I just did it over and over and over. Someone can’t read that they disappointed you in some way every single day, all day without physically absorbing that energy. I can feel it in my bones. And to the Q anon people who think I’m in Guantanamo Bay right now, lol. I saw “Q: into the storm” and saw what I’m working with here. And I, lol, I no longer care. Don’t flatter yourselves.
03/25/2021 07:01
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03/24/2021 02:21
Pad Thai Brussels Sprouts!!! All the sweet and tangy flavor of pad thai but with tender yet crispy, bright b sprouts. They’re roasted on a sheet pan to get nice and caramelized - you truly won’t miss the noodles!! Link in bio or head to @cravingsbychrissyteigen now to see the recipe!
03/24/2021 12:27
Dirty mouth, clean house!!!! @getsafely
03/22/2021 11:47
WELL IT’S HERE!! Years in the making, our baby is ready for her closeup. I am so excited to share my new line @getsafely—everything’s plant-powered and smells soooooo freakin good thanks to aromatherapy oils!! And it ACTUALLY WORKS!!! Sign up to be the first to shop it before anyone else!!  @krisjenner❤️
03/22/2021 09:42
the last post barely loaded
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