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My vote represented my little girls. It also represented/ Humanity Decency Principles and values @laurenhashianofficial and I instill in our little daughters. And finally, my vote represented the importance of just being a decent human being. And to me, being a decent human being matters. This win feels so good, but now the real work begins. Because we have an entire country divided. I’m not turning my back on you just because we have a difference of opinion. Im not made that way. I’m still right here and when the sun comes up, we all get up with it - go to work, feed our families and pay our bills. Congratulations to President elect @joebiden and Vice President elect @kamalaharris and to all our American people for engaging in the biggest voter turnout our country has ever seen ???????????????? Stand tall, lay it all on the line and cheers to UNITY and finding common ground. Let’s get to work. DJ ????????????
11/09/2020 12:23
???????? A lil’ flashback to the iconic honky tonk I used to hang out in when I was 15 years old. The one and only @tootsies_orchid_lounge ???????? I grew up loving traditional country, blues and hip hop - but when I was 15 living in a lil’ motel room in Nashville - just me and a buddy of mine - I thought I could be a decent country music singer to make a little money not be broke ???? ???? A woman heard me singing in a grocery store (true story) and told me I should go down to Broad street and try and sing in one of the honky tonks to get noticed. So that’s what I did. Keep in mind I was 15, but I actually looked 57 ????????????‍♂️ One night at a one of country bars, I bought a car from a crackhead for $40 bucks (original agreement was $75:) - and that beat up Thunderbird turned out to be stolen, of course - and about a month later we were forced out of Nashville. Wound up moving to the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Bethlehem) where I would FINALLY, get my wayward ass on the right track to become a productive young man. And though my 15yr old dream of become a country music legend, never came true... years later, my buddy - the GOAT Willie Nelson would gift me my very first guitar. Which I learned to play pretty well. Didn’t matter anyway because I proudly sing in raspy keys that don’t exist ????????????????‍♂️????????‍♂️ #themusicrowkid #crackheadsandthunderbirds #15goingon50 ????????????
11/06/2020 08:59
The FBI behavioral profiler (minus the fanny pack;). The most wanted art thief in the world. And the greatest conman the world has never seen. #OnSet #REDNOTICE ???? @netflix @sevenbucksprod @flynnpictureco @masistills ????
11/06/2020 06:34
I became 8X @wwe heavyweight champ - wrestling one of the all time greats, @chrisjerichofozzy. Chris and I had phenomenal matches all around the world (including one electrifying night in JAPAN ???????? and one unforgettable night in HAWAII ❤️). Thank you for “the honors”, my brother. Proudly cut my teeth and made my bones in the wild world of pro wrestling - learned some great, invaluable lessons I apply today for success in my business. And life???????????? #peopleschamp4L ✊????
11/06/2020 05:14
Puttin’ in work, before I go to work. Waitin’ to get word on who our POTUS will be ???????????????? And Jesus just left Chicago. Again. #hardestworkersintheroom ???????? #commanderinchief ????????
11/05/2020 05:39
Time to go to work. (before I go to my other work) Takin’ a brief quiet moment to take her in one more time ???????? A defining day for her today. To me, nothing will ever rival her awesome beauty, her strength, her resolve and most of all, her humanity. Regardless of where it all goes, I’ll always have her back - as I know, she’ll always have mine. Grateful to grind today and break some new skin on these calluses. #november3rd2020 #hardestworkersintheroom
11/03/2020 07:44
I love every single thing about this video - a moment that changed this little boy’s life forever. ???????????????????? From his first attempt to his last, you can literally see the psychological shift in this little boy’s mindset. Sensei @gianinibjjstallion never took his eyes off the boy and made sure the boy heard every word he was telling him. Then this entire dojo of kids chanting, “beat it” to support and lift his spirits. But here’s the best thing about all of this - with all this beautiful support and love surrounding him - the final decision to break the board, came from the little boy. He decided it was time - and he did it. I don’t know who you are son, but I sure am proud of you too. Goes to show to show you can do anything, when you put your mind to it. I’m so pumped after watching this, I’m going in for workout #2 and when I’m done I’m gonna attempt to put my foot thru an oak tree???????????? Then I’ll be calling 911 ???? #greatjobkid ????????
11/03/2020 03:00
Fanny pack Halloween surprise! ???????????????? I pulled in to my production base camp and my entire Team Rock was waiting for me like this. Just oozing sexiness and cool ???????? A quick snapshot at our ace operations, transportation, security, production team who punch that clock and put in the work with me daily on and off set. A GREAT crew and the real question is - what’s in their personal fanny packs ????????????‍♂️ #teamrock #bootsontheground #turtlenecksandfannys
11/02/2020 04:20
My cheat meal tonight that I HIGHLY recommend you give a try ☝???? Chilled @teremana ???????? Two loaded bacon double cheeseburgers ???????? Double order fries ???? (I ate half of them already????) Ketchup & Ranch dressing for the dippage! Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself and enjoy your cheat meals, my friends ???? #juicysundays #paperplateking
11/02/2020 06:43
I was all set to become the wisest king of all - MUFASA, buuuut unfortunately the costume didn’t quite fit my body. But at least my Lion’s mane headpiece is beautiful with a dash of sexy and fits me PERFECTLY???????????? Yup, if 2020 was a Halloween costume this would be it ????????????‍♂️ Still had a great quarantine Halloween and the babies had a blast - hope you guys did as well. #rememberwhoyouare ✨ #blamoanmufasa ????????????????
11/01/2020 05:07
Awww shit I’m in a real music video!!! ???????????????? Had the real pleasure of making a “cameo” in the NEW #RIDETHEWAVE video from my #1 ???? @laurenhashianofficial and her fellow bad asses @naztokio & @iamnataliemartinez ???????????? These ladies KILLED this disco viber like they’re the female version of The Bee Gees ????????????????????✨✨ But for me, the dream come true of this whole thing was being able to plant big ass daddy kisses on my 4yr old Jazzy! ???????????????? *LINK TO WATCH FULL VID IN MY BIO ☝????☝????☝???? #RIDETHEWAVE ✨✨ #HashianTokioMartinez
11/01/2020 05:53
???????? RIDE THE WAVE ???????? *LISTEN NOW* LINK UP TOP ☝???? A huge congratulations ???????????????????? to my #1 ???? @laurenhashianofficial and her fellow hard working, talented bad ass women @naztokio & @iamnataliemartinez on the drop of their new song, RIDE THE WAVE. You ladies killed this track and way to release some much needed positive vibes out for the world to enjoy ????✨???? ???????????????? Thank you everyone for your love and support - enjoy the song, let the vibe take you and #RIDETHEWAVE @spotify @applemusic ???? LINK TO LISTEN UP TOP ????☝????
10/30/2020 05:37