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IN THREE DAYS!! #GuacOnTheRock goes nationwide!! ???? ???????? ????
04/29/2021 12:44
Hope your mid week is going great and you’re kicking ass. Poppin’ the top on my @zoaenergy???? to get me thru this workout ????????‍♂️ Thank you so much for all your incredible feedback and amazing comments ~ especially as you’re experiencing no jitters or crashes! ???????????? As a company we listen and evolve, because everything we deliver is for you so keep the feedback coming! ???????????????? I’ll always be front and center and I’ll always have your backs. Have a kick ass rest of the week and shout to one of my favorite country artists @strick1977???????????? for the Iron Paradise keepin’ it real vibe. Sip your ZO, now LFG. * Link for ZOA in BIO ????????????????????????
04/28/2021 04:54
When @teremana dreams mix with anesthesia ???????????????????????? The hilarious (and wildly inappropriate) shit that I’ve said after my surgeries as I’m coming out of anesthesia... ????????‍♂️ I feel you @berto_r73! ???? #tequilaofthepeople #mixesgreatwithanesthesia
04/28/2021 06:54
Ohhh @teremana KARAOKE ????????.....?? I’M IN @derrickjv_89!!! ????????‍♂️???????? You guys actually sound great ???????????????? I can hear that harmony about to kick in...???????????????? I need more Teremana singing videos like this! Fun stuff!! Appreciate you guys and enjoy your Mana! #teremana #tequilaofthepeople #TeremanaKaraoke ????????
04/28/2021 06:45
Love u guys and appreciate ALL the @teremana love ???? Means the world to us because your enjoyment is the most powerful accomplishment we could achieve as a brand. Salud! ???? #teremana #tequilaofthepeople ????
04/28/2021 06:38
MAHALO ???? to all of you out there LOVING your Teremana! Your reactions, videos, pics etc mean the world to us - thank you for making us the most exciting (and delicious;) tequila in the world. #teremana #tequilaofthepeople #teremanatuesday ????
04/28/2021 06:26
Happy @teremana Tuesday ???? And yes, when one drinks their ‘mana ???? you magically sing as good as @drewangusmusic! Sorta. Depending on how impaired ones hearing is ???????? #teremana #tequilaofthepeople Any other Teremana singers out there? ????????????‍♂️
04/28/2021 06:22
Took me by surprise when I came to get my usual 5am workout in and there was this hungry freshman linebacker named Ray Lewis already clangin’ & bangin’ before me! Thru blood, sweat and iron - we bonded like brothers immediately and we LOVED pushing the hell outta each other in the weight room. Push each other beyond our pain thresholds to chase greatness. Ray was a TRUE FRESHMAN when he cracked the starting lineup for our Hurricanes — and then of course Ray went on the become THE GREATEST LINEBACKER the world has ever seen. I’ll always be extremely proud that he became the GOAT ???? And I became famous for rockin’ a fanny pack ????????‍♂️ #BreakOfDawnBoys #HardestWorkersInTheRoom #RockAndRay DON’T MISS YOUNG ROCK TONIGHT @8PM on @NBC!!!!
04/28/2021 02:31
Now my brother @warrensapp will tell you that I had zero chance at ever beating him out for starting defensive tackle.. and he was ???? RIGHT!! ????????????‍♂️ But in MY MIND, I was always striving and competing to earn that top spot. My parents and grandmother would drive from Tampa to Miami to watch me play in the Orange Bowl EVERY home game. Even if it was for just one play. They never missed a game. Always had my back. My brother Warren Sapp would go on to become NFL Defensive Player of the Year 7x Pro Bowler Super Bowl Champion And NFL HALL OF FAMER as one of the greatest and most dominant defensive lineman to ever put his hand in the dirt. And I would eventually go on to become famous for wearing a fanny pack ????????‍♂️ Looking back the main life lesson I’ve learned is this/ When you know what it’s like to be truly hungry for something - you’ll never be full once you finally get it. Cheers to never being full. #YoungRock TUNE IN TOMORROW NIGHT @8PM on @NBC!!!
04/27/2021 04:07
Our mana & energy is very strong as my tattoo artist @yomicoart goes needle to skin. For almost an entire year we collaborated closely to land the right design, that told the right story — and created a real emotion. Yomico is a supremely talented hyper-realistic tattoo artist and it’s been a pleasure exploring the mysteries of life, death and infinite energy & power thru our tattooing. Everyone’s tattoo has meaning and purpose ~ I have over 100 hours of tattooing on my body and I’m grateful for every (painful;) second of symbolic storytelling. Look forward to sharing the final design with you all later this week. Do not go gentle, into that good night... #rage @flanneryunderwood ????
04/26/2021 07:39

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