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Fav part of my drive home after work ???? U can always feel the mana ⛰️ ???? #alohaspirit #hawaii
05/26/2023 04:17
We did it ???? ???? ???? ???? We launched an entire professional football league and crowned aNEW XFL CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM!! Massive congratulations to our @xflrenegades and head coach @coachbobstoops & staff on their championship season ????????????????????????From the call I received back in 2020 from our visionary XFL Chairwoman @danygarciaco saying “I want us to buy the XFL” all the way to this past weekend as we proudly presented our XFL Championship trophy. Very surreal. A testament to the relentless hard work we put in to passionately create “The League of Opportunity” THANK YOU to our entire @XFL organization and THANK YOU to our hyped and loyal XFL FANS across our country. We are all building this league - TOGETHER. ~ XFL ownership DJ ????@DanyGarciaCoGerry Cardinale @DisneyStudios@ESPN ????| @flanneryunderwood
05/17/2023 06:56
Happy Mother’s Day Mom and to all the mamas out there ????❤️???? I always say, if we got a good, loving mom, then we got a shot at growing up to become a decent human being. I got lucky, my mom is one of the good ones. Y’all please enjoy your day, getting loved up, acknowledged and illuminated today - and every day. It all starts with our moms. Happy Mamas Day ❤️
05/14/2023 10:24
Welcome to the Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson Football Locker Room at the one and only, University of Miami ???????? THE U At Miami, I had the privilege of playing with some of the greatest players to ever play the game. Hall of Famers. And more importantly, WE had the honor of creating a brotherhood that was forged in our daily discipline ~ to outwork our competition and ALWAYS be the hardest workers in the room. Lifers. This gift is my way of showing love and gratitude to a football program that helped shape and define who I am today as a man. Ups and downs and everything in between. Best of luck this season to my brother & Head Coach Mario Cristobal & his coaching staff. And to our program’s anchor - our players, No team in the country will outwork you. It’s our obsession and our appetite for disruption. See you at the top. DRJ #brotherhood #theU
05/11/2023 01:19
Celebrated my birthday ???? with smooth style. And elegant grace. And as always, lots of laughs. And after all my kick ass years on this beautiful earth, I can declare with ???? certainty, that life is so much sweeter where you’re not an asshole ????????????‍♂️Thank so much for all the birthday love ???? ❤️Luv U guys back ~ dj ????
05/04/2023 05:02
Saturday morning chest & back training ☀️ Good ‘mental inventory’ day after a crazy busy week.Man I needed it ???? ????????????☕️Smith machine incline I do towards the end of my chest workout when my chest is fatigued. Not too heavy. 275LBS Be mindful as to how far you bring the weight down to mitigate that stress on your shoulders (I had complete shoulder reconstruction surgery - you don’t want that fun pain in your life, so take my advice ????) Focused, slow & controlled. 3 second negatives. Intense and controlled. Give it a try and have a productive weekend (and fun;) my friends. ~ dj @projectrock ????
04/22/2023 11:30
Delivering a big ass. sweaty hug of gratitude - you get in here ????????????????????????Dropped our @projectrock collection this weekend and wow - thank you. ???????? Our new #DayOne collection becomes @underarmour’s best selling collection of 2023 ???????? Our #ProjectRock drops become @underarmour’s best selling collections of all of 2022 ???????? #ProjectRock’s Women’s Training Shoe is @underarmour’s #1 shoe for Women At PROJECT ROCK we’re all a constant work in progress - a project - working hard to be a little better today than we were yesterday. Our brand goes beyond the field, court, ring, octagon etc. Because when the crowd stops cheering, the wins and losses take place and everyone goes home. What we’re left with is just us. You vs You. Not for sport. But for life. That’s who we are.@projectrock Enjoy the gear. Thank you. Back to work. #DayOneCollection #ProjectRockTraining * link in bio @dickssportinggoods @underarmour stores
04/17/2023 03:04
Gettin’ late here, but I didn’t want the day to end without saying THANK YOU SO MUCH ???????? Big launch day for our @projectrock business, dropping our #DayOne collection across the country and ???? @dickssportinggoods ???????? @underarmour stores ????Enjoy the new gear! Train hard, stay strong and cheers to our #DayOne mentality. ~ founder #projectrock#1traininggearinthegame * link in bio ☝????
04/14/2023 07:59
VENGEANCE IS A MOTHER. Check out the new trailer for THE MOTHER starring Jennifer Lopez - coming to Netflix May 12.
04/11/2023 01:00
Week 8: Fighting hard in the playoff race Don’t miss our big games this weekend! ???? ESPN???? ABC Get some. #LeagueOfOpportunity#XFL
04/08/2023 03:33

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