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I really don’t take this for granted this far into my career. I’ve never knocked myself off of number one before, this is crazy. Thank you for all the love, and Ireland where it’s just gone to #1 too. Can’t wait to play all these on tour x
09/17/2021 08:55
Behind the scenes from my Shivers video shoot, thanks everyone for all the love on this. Go watch it on my youtube channel x
09/17/2021 03:02
I’m going back on tour next year, the first leg is on sale Saturday 25th September. Check my website for on sale times & more info. You will need an account with one of the official ticket vendors so please sign up in advance x
09/17/2021 10:00
Announcing something 8am tomorrow U.K. time that is basically the start of the next 3 years of my life, excited to be back at it. Look out for the announcement tomorrow ???? @zakarywalters
09/16/2021 04:41
Shivers performance from the @vmas up on my youtube channel now x
09/16/2021 12:03
09/15/2021 06:44
VMA’s with @maisiehpeters ???? @gettyentertainment
09/13/2021 04:08
If you missed it last night go watch Shivers video & stream the song x (link in bio)
09/10/2021 12:03
Shivers out now, go stream, share, watch the video, I love it, hope you do too x (link in bio)
09/10/2021 02:54
This is me 2011 in the Worlds End pub up in Finsbury Park, just after signing my publishing deal. I lived all over London back then, wherever anyone would have me, but Finsbury is where I’d spend most of my evenings coz of the open mic nights there run by my mates. I first moved up in 2008 and on my first night got inspired to write my song The City, which was the first song written and recorded for my debut album + (or Plus if you use google). It’s been 10 years since the release of +, today is the day it came out. I’ve been making music for a very long time but I guess your major label debut counts as the start in the industry, so I’m officially a decade in as of now. All I ever wanted was to have a gold album and to sell out Shepherd’s Bush empire, I never thought my career would go past that to be honest, and if I got that, I’d be chuffed. When + came out, it went gold in the first week and I played to a sold out Shepherd’s Bush 3 weeks later. Ever since then everything that has come my way has been an added bonus, it’s been an incredible journey so far, and way beyond my wildest dreams. And it all started with an album recorded in Windlesham. Happy birthday +, and thank you to everyone keeping it alive, it’s not my album anymore it’s yours, and I’m honoured for it to be so many moments and memories for so many people x
09/09/2021 04:29

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