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Thanks for all the love on PERU. Keep streaming and go check out the video if you haven’t yet
01/05/2022 09:32
“Peru” with @fireboydml is out now everywhere. Go check out the video on youtube now x
12/24/2021 05:02
'Shape Of You' is the first song to hit 3 billion streams on Spotify. Thanks to all the fans! Tell us your favorite 'Shape Of You' story in the comments #BillionsClub
12/22/2021 09:00
“peru” official music video | 24th of December, 3pm ????????/ 2pm ????????
12/22/2021 05:59
Join TikTok they said, go viral they said
12/21/2021 08:16
One year since Afterglow, Merry Christmas xx
12/21/2021 03:02
Friday @fireboydml x
12/20/2021 09:12
It was an honour to perform “The Joker And The Queen” for the first time for @royalvarietyperformance on @itv last night. Thanks for having me x
12/20/2021 08:09
Thanks @instagram for taking some lucky NYC fans around and bringing them to my show at Irving Plaza #EdEqualsNYC #togetherwithinstagram
12/19/2021 09:05
Thank you @brits x
12/18/2021 10:27

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