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09/17/2021 03:16
Shes just a girl standing in front of her agency, taking digitals, and asking people to hire her ????
09/06/2021 07:38
Oldie in Athens but the mood remains! the! same! ????????‍♀️
08/14/2021 09:36
Just bein hoopleheads in Deadwood ???? Found a hand blown Poppy flower :) …Also who is your favorite non main Harry Potter character and why is it also Sirius Black?
08/06/2021 04:35
Got to surprise my Meme on her birthday, spend time with old friends and family, eat all my nostalgic meals, go to my first cycling race (thank you Miller fam), and spend a whole lotta time outside. Oklahoma, you’re OK ❤️
06/18/2021 02:33
Vacation Liz was activated
05/16/2021 04:50
Finally back in 90% humidity where the skin thrives ????
05/10/2021 02:33
It usually weirds me out when my phone makes slideshows from random days but this is an exception!! MISS YOU @cocojourdana can’t wait to explore again soon
03/11/2021 03:28
It boggles the mind that this first photo was in 2020, this time last year! What a sweet summer child I was. It feels like ages ago. The pandemic so consumed 2020 its weird there was a couple months before it. So much happened this year. 2020 was bonkers and every emotion but we made it through. Through all the bullshit of the year, I learned so much, and grew so much more in touch with myself. I hope 2021 makes us all better and more joyful humans ????
01/02/2021 08:07
Preppin for the trip diggies
09/06/2020 08:16

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