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It boggles the mind that this first photo was in 2020, this time last year! What a sweet summer child I was. It feels like ages ago. The pandemic so consumed 2020 its weird there was a couple months before it. So much happened this year. 2020 was bonkers and every emotion but we made it through. Through all the bullshit of the year, I learned so much, and grew so much more in touch with myself. I hope 2021 makes us all better and more joyful humans ????
01/02/2021 08:07
Preppin for the trip diggies
09/06/2020 08:16
As we approach November and the 2020 election so much focus is on the presidential election, and rightfully so. But! We have to hold that same energy for our local elections as well. Local elections provide some of the swiftest and most tangible ways of really seeing the chance we seek in our day to day lives. I’m voting for @nithyaforthecity for city council in my district (shout out district 4!). This week I spent some time writing postcards for her to send out in my neighborhood. If you haven’t already, do some research to see who is running in your community and volunteer for them if you find a candidate who’s values mirror your own. The more people participating in a democracy, the better it works. So please vote this election cycle (early if you can!) on a national and local level. Let’s make the world a better place and help America live up to its promise! ????????
08/31/2020 09:57
A much needed (and pandemic friendly) birthday change of scenery ????????????????????????‍♀️ Thanks for being you, California!
08/07/2020 12:18
The best book I’ve read in a while. Just wanted to shout it from my virtual mountain (more of a hill) top. Had such a hard time reading and keeping focused over quarantine until I opened this one and had to make myself stop so I could prolong it. “The right novel for the end of the world” - LA Times... and that’s the truth!
07/22/2020 09:39
Thank you for everything John Lewis. Rest in Power. #goodtrouble
07/18/2020 07:09
Wow. ???? This image is so beautiful and so powerful. *edit- after engaging with people all morning I’ve turned off comments because I don’t want to give a platform to hatred or misinformation. We can learn from history without glorifying the confederacy. These statues were largely built during the civil rights movement to intimidate the movement and all of these statues should absolutely be taken down. Also- this should go without saying, human life is more important than property. ***RP: @juliarendleman Ballerinas Kennedy George, 14, left, and Ava Holloway, 14, pose in front of a monument of Confederate general Robert E. Lee. They told me the dance community is about joy and collaboration and they were out today to do just that. “We’re moving forward,” George said. . . . @reuters . #rva #blacklivesmatter #blackgirlsdance
06/06/2020 06:14
Today is Breonna Taylor’s birthday. She should be turning 27. She should be alive. The police who killed her haven’t even been FIRED let alone charged. You can text ENOUGH to 55156 to sign a petition created by @colorofchange (who I recommend following if you don’t already) to demand justice for Breonna. Or go to the link in my bio that has petitions and actions you can take as well as lots of other resources. ????
06/05/2020 06:30
DTLA peaceful protest. What it’s really like on the ground #blacklivesmatter
06/03/2020 01:32
I struggle on social media solely because there is a large element of it that is so self important and I don’t want to pat myself on the back or make something about myself and how I feel. At the same time I feel very strongly and struggle with what’s the best thing I can do? Does sharing my opinion on the internet matter and actually contribute to change? I honestly don’t know. But I also strongly believe if you feel something but don’t speak on it, then your feelings aren’t worth anything.
06/02/2020 07:17
Happy Birthday to one of the loves of my life!! I know this is a weird one, but isn’t life weird? Through the decades, cities, and countries- I’ve been so lucky to have you in my life! I can’t wait to see what’s next for you (I know it’s huge) and cheer you on! Love you so much! *virtual hug and kiss* swipe for some gems
03/27/2020 09:45
My polling place ran out of the snazzy stickers, (yay lots of voters!) but I voted today on Super Tuesday and if your state is voting today, I hope you did too! Let’s change the status quo. “It always seems impossible until it is done” - Nelson Mandela #NotMeUs
03/03/2020 10:20

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