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You are SO gorgeous Adele!! An absolute dream in Versace ✨????
03/19/2023 05:20
Absolutely stunning is who you are as you perform. What a glorious, magical residency you’ve given us. You’re a diamond in the rough, a beacon of light amongst the stars, and a burning flame in a moonless night. What a rare find you are. Your lyrics are stories that will be told for years and years. Thank you for continuing to share your gift of song, dance and magic. The world will forever be a better place with your music. #adelemusic #hello #vegasbaby❤️ #easyontheeyes#setfiretotherain???? #skyfalladele #allmylove❤️ #rumourhasit
03/12/2023 06:20
03/05/2023 06:15
Que Adele haga gira mundial, amén ????????
02/26/2023 06:19
I waited 14years and travelled 7000+ miles, all the way from the Philippines, to see you live. It was worth it and will consider last night one of the best nights of my life. Will definitely watch you again! ????????
02/19/2023 06:16
I wish see you ????????????????????????
02/12/2023 06:18
Turkey needs help
02/05/2023 06:19
I am convinced that Adele is the most talented person on earth
01/22/2023 06:18
Weekend 7 Happy New Year to You and Yours ♥️
01/01/2023 07:20
Weekend 6
12/25/2022 06:20

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