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Just the sweetest
01/14/2022 11:39
Enjoying the LA winter weather @alo
01/13/2022 12:19
???? @stormshoots
01/10/2022 10:53
The last flight out ❄️ ⛄️
01/07/2022 06:04
Snow day
01/05/2022 01:31
Happy new year!!! ???? ♥️ ❤️
01/01/2022 12:30
12/26/2021 06:53
I bought this rubber ducky rain jacket for Maui not realizing it doesn’t rain there, but got good use of it fixing the drains around my house tonight
12/24/2021 07:37
“Eunice, sit” “Why?” “Because I’m trying to take a holiday photo” “There’s a squirrel over there” “Yup, just take it easy for one second and-“ “There’s a boy playing basketball” “Sure is! Just look at the camera for a quick sec-“ “Why? For what? There’s a squirrel over there and a boy playing basketball over there-“ “It’s for Instagram.” “Oh god.” “What?” “Maybe that boy will give me soup.” “Soup??” “Yeah. Soup.” “What do you know about soup?” “I know I love it. Yours from the coffee table was so good yesterday.” “….” “…” *snaps pic*
12/23/2021 12:44
12/19/2021 05:21

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