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Forever smiling ????
06/21/2022 05:03
06/08/2022 06:11
Forever matching my bikinis to my drinks ???? boat preparations always include GETTING AND STAYING HYDRATED @voozhydrate And selfies on my balcony while I scope the weather ???? #voozhydrate #hydrationsensation #miami #beach #summer #green
05/18/2022 07:55
???? ???? lol ignore the pee pad
05/17/2022 07:18
Sometimes all you need is a change of perspective ???? and a cute bikini
05/10/2022 10:12
Let’s stay in bed ???????? @hollywoodperfectsmile
05/06/2022 07:29
Taking a break from studying and enjoying a little pool day ❤️???? what's something you always have to take with you when you go to the pool ?! @quash . . #quashit #quash #poolday #tanning #spring #happy #love #instamood
04/28/2022 07:23
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04/26/2022 08:22
CARDIO CARDIO CARDIO ! I've been incorporating cardio 30 minutes x 4 times a week and I'm falling in love with my results ❤️ Remember to stay hydrated with @voozhydrate #voozhydrate #hydrationsensation #cardio #cardiobunny
04/21/2022 09:20
So I started studying for the fl bar ???? these next months are going to be about bettering myself in every aspect of life. I completed law school, and put off taking the FL bar for two years . Well I’m back now and ready to hopefully kill it on my first try ???????????????? my days consist of the gym and studying ! Let’s see how these next three months go! Looking forward to keeping you all updated ❤️????????
04/19/2022 09:35

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