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Her you go. Three beauty tips that won’t cost you a penny. Welcome to #selfcaresunday community, see previous post. I’m creating a community where we share our wisdom. It’s not about fads. It’s tried and tested ways of living. I’ll be giving you more of what I do but also talking to some of you too. #wellness #beauty #ancientwisdom #wisdom #livelikearani #wisdom #skincare #glowingskin #holisticliving #nofilter ????????????❤️ 1. Create time just for you 2. Drink warm water first thing in the morning (Ayurvedic brains please feel free to explain in comments) 3. Facial massage ????????????
01/15/2023 01:31
2023 energy. This is how we take on the year ahead ….and the patriarchy, especially on a grim Tuesday in Jan. ???????????????????? #energy #wegotthis #yougotthis #takenoprisoners
01/10/2023 01:12
That feeling when you’re at work and it’s freezing and windy and rainy and you’ve been up since pre dawn. But you got your thermals on, so bonus. Find the joy #lovemyjob #filming #greatoutdoors #beautifulbritain #weather
01/04/2023 06:35
Foot prints birds and paradise????
12/30/2022 11:45
Woman’s hour to Delhi. Travelling is part of the adventure. 24 hours in my life. God it’s good to be back in India ???????? #delhi #india #travel #adventure
12/17/2022 12:53
Love this so much! ????????????????
12/05/2022 05:36
Where are you really from? Ngozi Fulani was asked this question at Buckingham Palace. She was attending a function supporting domestic abuse charities, charities doing great work like @sistahspace_ women supporting women. Not sure how supported she felt in this moment. The moment you’re reminded ‘you’re not like us’. I don’t know a person of colour who hasn’t been asked this question. ‘Where are you from?’ The answer is simple, it’s here, we are from here. It’s really time people got into the idea, understood what Britain is and why Britain is. You were there, now we are here and we are Britain. Simple.
12/01/2022 10:09
Had to repost this photo of the amazing @asmakhanlondon in front of a mural that says it all ???????? ‘not the struggle of being a woman but the power of being one.’ #woman #16daysofactivism #globalfeminism #femalepower ✊????
11/25/2022 07:21
I’m only the new chancellor of Bradford University! And for the announcement to be made on an auspicious day. This is the biggest honour of my life so far and I’ve been lucky enough to do some amazing things. Who would have thought that a girl from a Punjabi family who grew up in Bradford would one day hold this position? I am honoured to become the University of Bradford’s Chancellor ( ????????????) and to be able to give back to the city that gave me so much. As Chancellor I will be encouraging students to soak it all up, make the most of opportunities and then to be brave, ambitious, and resilient when they graduate – confident that they have what they need to succeed. I am passionate about education; the people and experiences I encountered at university made me the person I am today. The University of Bradford is committed to preparing the next generations of leaders, entrepreneurs, employees and maybe even broadcasters... What I love is that it is really making a difference while staying committed to being inclusive and enabling people from disadvantaged backgrounds to reach their potential. I’m looking forward to supporting the whole University community to thrive. It’s still sinking in. @universityofbradford thank you for the honour and opportunity. Can’t wait for what we do next!#universitychancellor #bradford #gratitude ????????
11/08/2022 05:43
Wore tassels last night. Thought I better let you know. Thank you @katesheridanbags for making bags that are gorgeous and can actually hold a phone and a lippy, house keys plus wallet, tissue and hand cream, even a cheeky little perfume. ???????????????? ???? ???? #britishmade #wentout #dressup Happy birthday @channel4 great party! You’re looking fab at 40 ????
11/03/2022 07:30

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