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Thank you to @chanelofficial, @themuseumofmodernart, and @tizzielisch for including me in the most enchanting evening, honoring the divine @penelopecruzoficial. @welovecoco #MoMAFilmBenefit
12/15/2021 10:01
As the week ends, I would like to send some love to Jeremy Strong who I’m lucky enough to have worked with twice and who I am proud to consider a friend. I deeply value his qualities of thoughtfulness, sincerity, authenticity, sweetness, depth, kindness, generosity, as well as his powerful intelligence and extraordinary sensitivity. He is an incredibly talented and inventive artist who is fully engaged and committed on set, as well as a passionate, open person in life. I find all of these things inspiring. (oh, and he’s fun.) Anyway he and the entire cast crushed this season of @succession (for the record, the work is where the story begins and ends for me.) Congrats to them all and bring on the finale!
12/11/2021 07:44
So, it seems impossible, but somehow everything that came before was just a warm up…my dear friend, work-wife, and all-around wonder @jessicachastain gives her finest, most daring, and most flat-out astonishing performance yet in The @eyesoftammyfaye. I’m tickled and inspired beyond measure that her ten-year journey toward getting this movie made has resulted with such an unparalleled triumph. She is off the charts brilliant—go see for yourself!
12/07/2021 05:07
#HappyThanksgiving ???? ????????
11/25/2021 07:05
Just realized my birthday look was Daphne Kluger meets Ella of Frell ???? Hope we all have a great year ????????
11/18/2021 07:55
That’s a wrap on #ArmaggedonTime! What a gem of an experience; feeling very grateful to everyone involved. Just in time, too… ???? ???? ????
11/12/2021 07:27
Major Party Animal. Happy Halloween ????????
11/01/2021 03:50
WeWrapped! To the entire cast and crew of @appletv’s #wecrashed- I’m so proud and grateful to have been on this team- thank you!!!! ????????♥️????????????????????????????????????
09/21/2021 09:57
Seacrest, out! Thanks for staying tuned. If you’re interested in what I’m up to next, follow @Aarynnlang! Stay safe, everybody! #MissLangPresents
08/16/2021 04:01
“Not Over (An Elegy For The Girls)." - @Blu_Bone "Namir Fearce is a North Minneapolis born interdisciplinary artist and cultural worker. His studio practice engages experimental film, assemblage, and music under the moniker Blu Bone. Fearce is informed by a constellation of Black Atlantic histories and sites of memory that weave complex emo-political worldscapes in which Black futurity and freedom are conjured. Fearce holds a BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in Film & Sculpture from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Fearce is currently completing. In this Wicked Womb, a film that navigates radical pleasure, intimate determination, and the implications of living in spite of."
08/16/2021 03:05

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