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#HappyThanksgiving ???? ????????
11/25/2021 07:05
Just realized my birthday look was Daphne Kluger meets Ella of Frell ???? Hope we all have a great year ????????
11/18/2021 07:55
That’s a wrap on #ArmaggedonTime! What a gem of an experience; feeling very grateful to everyone involved. Just in time, too… ???? ???? ????
11/12/2021 07:27
Major Party Animal. Happy Halloween ????????
11/01/2021 03:50
WeWrapped! To the entire cast and crew of @appletv’s #wecrashed- I’m so proud and grateful to have been on this team- thank you!!!! ????????♥️????????????????????????????????????
09/21/2021 09:57
Seacrest, out! Thanks for staying tuned. If you’re interested in what I’m up to next, follow @Aarynnlang! Stay safe, everybody! #MissLangPresents
08/16/2021 04:01
“Not Over (An Elegy For The Girls)." - @Blu_Bone "Namir Fearce is a North Minneapolis born interdisciplinary artist and cultural worker. His studio practice engages experimental film, assemblage, and music under the moniker Blu Bone. Fearce is informed by a constellation of Black Atlantic histories and sites of memory that weave complex emo-political worldscapes in which Black futurity and freedom are conjured. Fearce holds a BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in Film & Sculpture from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Fearce is currently completing. In this Wicked Womb, a film that navigates radical pleasure, intimate determination, and the implications of living in spite of."
08/16/2021 03:05
Cemia "Cece" Dove, Brittany-Nicole Kidd-Stergis, Betty Skinner, and Tiffany Edwards. These four women, transgender women - Humans, were brutally murdered within months of each other in 2014; these women politicized me. Thank you. These women didn't lay their lives on the line for my benefit, but they gave me the foundation to demand more from myself and the community around me. I didn't know any of them personally. Still, I love them, for they have reminded me of how close I am to my demise and how grateful I am to have another chance to live the life I want to. I hope you gained something from this week, and I hope you understand how beautiful it is to make a different decision, love more, heal, and lend a helping hand. It's not every day that a superstar allows you to speak your mind from their platform, so all my love to Annie, Princess of Genovia. Thank you for giving a fuck! Lastly, I want to thank Black trans women. We are oft-overlooked, under-valued, and misunderstood. You are the loves of my life. Always remember, this world is for us TOO! — @aarynnlang #MissLangPresents
08/16/2021 02:05
Black trans people aren't the reason you can't pay your bills, and we're not the reason you can't be yourself or can't follow your dreams, yet you focus your vitriol towards us when we're just trying to thrive like everyone else. We deserve to be safe when we walk the streets. We deserve to have roofs over our heads. We deserve the freedom to explore who we are and how we express ourselves. We deserve the ability to take care of our families and get the healthcare we need, and so do you! - @aarynnlang
08/14/2021 11:59
Follow @Yaeorg!!! #MissLangPresents @aarynnlang
08/14/2021 07:27

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