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✨ Happy New Year ✨
01/01/2023 01:41
✨ Hey! I’ve been in full-blown work mode so it’s been quiet around here, but I had to mention I saw Michael Showalter’s wonderful, bold, funny, tear-jerker @spoileralertthefilm from @focusfeatures the other night—in a theatre! (@nicolekidman is absolutely right; heartbreak does feel good in a place like that). I went with a group of friends, and we all laughed and cried together watching @michaelausiello and Kit Cowan’s love story.@spoileralertthefilm is a sweet, human-scale gem with @therealjimparsons, @benjaminaldridge, Bill Erwin (hi Bill!) and the inimitable Sally Field all giving lovable, moving, and memorable performances. It’s the sort of film that makes you count your blessings and appreciate your family—chosen and otherwise.I hope you check it out. ✨
12/13/2022 05:11
I genuinely don’t know if the look of adoration on my face is Esther looking at her beloved father, Aaron, or just me being in the presence of @anthonyhopkins. Either way, it’s the same expression. #ArmageddonTime is in theaters everywhere now.
11/06/2022 01:22
Thank you very much to @moncler for generously including Adam and I in your 70th anniversary celebration. Major respect to all involved, especially @sadeckwaff for his ingenious choreography and to @virnatoppiofficial for giving one of the most courageous and excellent performances I have ever seen. Congratulations! #Moncler70
09/26/2022 06:22
YAYAYAYAYYAY!!!!! Congrats @mingey!!! ???? ???? ????
09/13/2022 06:21
Queen Elizabeth II possessed a gentle and towering strength marked by her unwavering devotion to duty. I personally found her constancy and humility deeply inspiring. Hers was an extraordinary reign, and I wish her a peaceful rest.My deepest sympathy to her family, her beloved citizens, and to all who mourn her passing.
09/09/2022 04:53
Friends don't let friends skip elections! Text FRIENDS to 26797 to make sure you are registered to vote. And post a photo with your friends and tag them with this caption to remind them to check their registration too. #RegisterAFriendDay @iamavoter @jamesbanksdesign @erinwalshstyle @christianhogstedt
07/28/2022 05:37
New images from @ellefr! Had such a lovely time shooting this story in a country where they honor reproductive rights xx
07/01/2022 09:06
So much to say, but let’s start here._______________________________Reposting from @jiatortelliniHere’s my attempt to encapsulate what today’s decision means: scattered paragraphs in this post, link in bio. For me, no alternative but to keep fighting with the people in reproductive justice who have been working in anticipation of this moment for a decade or more; to refuse paralysis and commit to never getting used to minority rule; to understand this as another damning reminder of what happens when the rights and lives of poor and marginalized people are not understood as the bedrock of justice and fundamental to our own. Follow @advocatesforpregnantwomen. If you don’t already support a local abortion access group, find one (@abortionfunds) and follow the work; do it on your own and actively, don’t wait for a disaster or another person to prompt you. In the words of Mariame Kaba, always: let this radicalize you rather than lead you to despair.
06/25/2022 12:02
???????????? @bulgari@lalalalisa_m
06/09/2022 10:18

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