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01/27/2023 04:08
the love of my whole life.the silliest, coziest, most special human.i’m so lucky to spend life by your side.the greatest i’ve ever known.happy birthday, bubba.i love you so, so much.????????????
12/24/2022 02:49
12/20/2022 07:02
happy 45th birthday, jord. i love you so much.
12/11/2022 03:56
fall is for friends!!!
11/29/2022 03:36
I know I’m a bit late.. but still can’t get over how wonderful it was being on @latenightseth. What a show. What a gent! What a crew. Thank you so much for having me and thank you for such a good time! Check out the interview if you fancy a giggle and some Granzo Pat stories. Obvi. Photo Credit- Lloyd Bishop/NBC
11/12/2022 02:07
i’m sorry but if your name was beanie you would also do this!!!!!!!
11/09/2022 11:22
Voting is VITAL. Voting is ESSENTIAL.Voting is FUNDAMENTAL. There is nothing more important than using the power of your vote to demand action. I’m voting for abortion rights, for trans rights, for gun control. What are you voting for? What is vital to you?
10/07/2022 03:36
downtown, cherry lipstick!!
09/21/2022 07:55
09/10/2022 03:00

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