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heres to more adventures and love in 2022✨????
01/09/2022 08:50
#TimeIsUp is now on Amazon!!???? filming in Italy was so beautiful. and got to film with my hunny. Comment ur fave scenes below and I might send u a BTS photo from set !!????????
01/06/2022 08:02
Stop saying “I wanna” Start saying “ I will” I will be healthier this year I will take more care of my body I will drink more water I will pay more attention to my negative mental habits I will work to change those I will stop judging myself so harshly I will be happy I will work to understand what pushes my artist creativity further into the abyss I will take more time off I will take more time for myself, to enjoy myself, to enjoy the person I am today, I will not just think about tomorrow or the next day or the next 5 years I will do things that push my limits I will challenge myself I will not let my yearning for more do my soul injustice
01/04/2022 06:44
what’d you ask Santa for this year? I bet it was me????????
12/25/2021 06:47
12/23/2021 07:04
this holiday season i’ve joined @blisserofficial in the fight against global climate change. Purchase a video of me from Blisser and a portion of the proceeds go to charity. PLUS the first 20 people to use code BELLA20 get a free video! I’ve chosen @pureearthnow, a charity focused on two of the most dangerous neurotoxins – lead and mercury – with a goal to reduce the poisoning and brain damage of children in targeted global countries within the next 10 years. Go to to learn more!
12/21/2021 06:43
who wants to see the 47 other versions of my hair whipping me in the face? ????????‍♀️
12/18/2021 06:12
I take my polaroid with me everywhere ???? comment ur fave emoji and I might send you a special polaroid ????????????
12/15/2021 06:56
LBD????????will never be over this fit????????
12/13/2021 09:02
MY BANGS ARE BACK !!! JK JK I'm sorry guys hahahaha ???????? stream "IN YOU" on Spotify now!!
12/10/2021 06:36

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