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The procrastinator anthem
01/12/2022 03:42
My New Years resolution is to take a disco ball everywhere I go
12/31/2021 08:50
Santa said I’ve been good all year ????
12/25/2021 08:50
Happy Holidays! ???????? @ongoody and I have partnered to make gifting for any occasion a breeze - all you need to send an amazing gift is the recipient's phone number! They have my favorite brands and the easiest gift giving experience I've ever had. Download the app, sign up and get your last minute holiday shopping done on Goody while using code BRIA10 for a $10 credit ???? I'll also select 5 lucky winners who leave their Goody username in the comments section to win a free gift hehe #GoodyPartner
12/23/2021 10:28
Cuntry ????
11/15/2021 07:16
Pamela & Tommy ????
10/31/2021 06:16
Rainy day activities ☔️
10/26/2021 01:53
10/22/2021 02:05
Would still wear every single one of these outfits to this day
10/19/2021 11:35
Things I miss most in nyc - pizza, bagels and my little brother
10/17/2021 07:20

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