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01/18/2023 03:55
Are we gonna say it was hard being my sister ???? Hmmmmmmmmmmm …. really ??? Well this was my spa plan at Vegas as my childhood friends had their heads held high with a seat for toes and nails and a bottle of champagne for each one of them while I STOOD AT THE DOOR ???? not allowed to go in …. but bet ur bottom dollar they be gotten their entertainment from me that night !!!!! I’ve learned from the BEST … do we dare set aside our SELF CARE AND ACKNOWLEDGE a childhood friend ???? WHY no !!!! We teach her the MEANING OF MEAN and then throw her away in the end with no self rights !!!! You want me to share it on Telly ??? I’d rather spit in their faces and trash them on Instagram cause that’s all my family has ever been to me !!!! Pssss here are pics of what nerve damage can do … which I have right side of my body and goes numb every night !!! Not a victim story or crying about it because I was never a big deal … I sat in a chair for 10 hours a day and no rights for 4 months !!! They hurt me and nothing was done except that I lost 15 years of my life with my family owning my name … subjected to being an angel while my dad has 5 women on his tour bus drinking that cup of coffee … so cool and smooth it must have been nice owning my name for 15 years … it honestly blows my mind the hardships you say you have had with having me as your sister … I’m sorry you feel that way but don’t ever poke at my broken foot in a kitchen telling me to go to the doctor because my foot infection might infect your royal children !!!
01/06/2023 09:45
????????: Marmont Hill
12/25/2022 12:04
New York City here I come !!! How about them apples ???????????????????????????? ???
12/13/2022 04:06
I like to suck ????????????????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️ !!! Never professional pics … sucking comes easy for me !!! Keep clapping bitch ???????? !!!
11/27/2022 07:43
More of the eye thing... it's like the abuse has completely put her brain in a loop. She's just on loop no matter what.
11/15/2022 05:05
Ok so maybe I over do it when I come to Maui ???? !!! I’m sorry but it’s awesome here ???? !!! I actually want to wake up earlier in the morning ☀️!!! I’m awakened here !!! Maybe it’s my subconcious telling my consciousness to be guided to places of awakening ✨ !!! Maybe I should go jump in the water naked ???? !!! That’s awakening but I definitely DON’T WANT TO OFFEND ANYONE ???? !!! Psss Amen at the end of the song !!!
09/21/2022 02:46
I’ve been to Maui so many times ???? !!! I swear it never gets old here ???? !!! I find my inner goddess !!! I sweat ????, cry ????, run ????‍♀️, swim ????‍♀️ , and play ???? !!!! Mother Nature speaks to me in a different way !!! I feel like I’m guided to where my heart flies ???? !!! Life can be so crazy !!! So in times like this I reel it in to find my grounds and pray !!! Sitting still and listening to my voice within ????????‍♀️ !!! I meditate everyday and try to understand the meaning of self love ???? … I guess it’s different for all of us !!! I’m also into carrot juice ???? at the moment and I’m fasting everyday ???? !!! It’s a cleanse so I’ve been feeling a bit more clear !!! I notice that I can breathe better when I’m fasting and there seems to be a better sense of knowing !!! I’m blessed for each day I have here !!! I appreciate the trees ????, sea ????, and the overall simply way of life here !!! How people pass a simple smile to each other ???? !!! I hope you are all having a beautiful day ☀️ !!! God Bless !!! Psss … @drewbarrymore - thank you for bringing light to my wedding ⭐️ !!! Yes there was so much light in the room ✨ !!! We have both been through so much and you declaring my cry for freedom in a country where we are all equal is not only in verb with HUMANITY ???? !!! It calls for every person who fought for me in a time where just a silly and childish “Free Britney” shirt ???? actually had more meaning to me than just that !!! You reminded me of the night of my wedding to just one and one thing only !!! A smile with my eyes closed ???? !!! Last psss !!! It’s so nice to sometimes play the angel … right ladies ??? When you know you’re the fucking devil ???? !!! Carry on ???? !!! And here’s to CARROT JUICE ???? !!!!
09/15/2022 04:01
Have you guys ever done a 360 ???? in a car ???? and landed on the edge of a cliff ⛰ ??? Oh, the days of real play …
09/09/2022 12:37
GEEEZ see it hits me later … the fact that I’m doing a song with Elton .. makes me wanna freaking cry … he’s me and my mother’s favorite musician … I listened to driving hours to dance class from 8 to 14 … see again WHHATT THHE FUUUUCK !!! Wow wow, what an honor to be with such gifted hands !!! WE ALREADY KNOW !!! My son might give him a run for his money !!! ….I have soooooooo much footage of him playing … yep my children are freaking geniuses !!! It’s kinda scary … he stopped seeing me … I posted something of him, but he got really mad so unfortunately, I haven’t been able to post my loving family… either way I’m so sorry children I continue to do social media … I’m sorry you feel I do it for attention … I’m sorry for the way you feel … but guess what ???? I’ve got news for you … I’m a child of God as well we all are in God’s eyes … so NOPE I’m not sorry … I’ve learned to say SO !!!
09/03/2022 01:36

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