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????????????????‍???????????????????????????? #girlgang
06/03/2022 10:35
Stefania got to share a little taste of her childhood with me, and now we get to explore Italy together!???????? Thank you so much to everyone who sent us this delicious box of treats, & we can’t wait to see you all here so soon!! #baci????
05/20/2022 12:43
To my followers who want to become part of the #PACAS: Make sure you read the #giveaway details in my stories, so you know how to enter for a chance to win custom-made @station19 socks!
05/19/2022 11:32
No shame in the sexy selfie game when @danielepiersonsbeauty does my makeup ????????
05/16/2022 09:18
Do you know what’s behind these magical doors? ????✨ Thank you @castleandkey Distillery and @castleandkey_brett for an unforgettable day filled with Kentucky spirits and insanely beautiful views. Touring these enchanted grounds and tasting so many different small-batch bourbons & whiskeys was nothing short of incredible. This place is a must! ????✨????
05/11/2022 09:48
Talk #derby to me ???????? // ????: @maceym3
05/07/2022 09:57
You know where to find me ????
05/03/2022 12:28
Last night with @danielepiersonsbeauty
04/29/2022 10:16
Clearly I’ve changed so much ????
04/25/2022 10:11
I can’t express enough my gratitude for all of the love & support I felt at the premiere of @heardshortfilm ????????
04/22/2022 10:34

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