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Remember to ground and breathe???????? Namaste????????
06/17/2022 03:56
@chanelofficial @virginieviard What an amazing show and experience this was ???? #chanelresort #2012 #capdantibes #tbt #karllagerfeld
05/05/2022 05:40
Spring! #trillium #violas #fiddleheads #naturefindsoftheday #magicalmoments
04/27/2022 01:56
Happy Earth Day! Your medicine choices matter! Did you know that Homeopathy is the most sustainable green medicine? “No harsh chemicals, no toxic by-products; just gentle, effective medicine that's safe for people and planet. And the repeated dilution and succussion involved in the manufacturing process means that literally thousands of doses can be made from the original sample. It's the ultimate in renewable medicine.” @whole_health_ag thank you ????????#homeopathicmedicine #sustainability #earthdayeveryday #cleanmedicine
04/22/2022 08:53
Hello Florida! The nature here is amazing saw Portuguese man of war, lizards, snakes, tropical birds, and amazing plants ???????? #sunshinestate #floridalife man of war photo by @vanstrahl6
04/19/2022 05:39
Goodbye @patrickdemarchelier ????thank you for all of these fun shoots and memories! You are one of fashions greatest of all times. Thanks for showing me how to model and believing in me❤️memory eternal @fabienbaron @harpersbazaarus @tonnegoodman @SarajaneHoare @elyssasasantisi @fulviafarolfi @sergenormant @gavinharwinhair @diane.kendal @michael_philouze @terrytsiolis @beauquillian #liztilberis remind me if i forgot a credit
04/01/2022 02:28
New clients are coming to me because they are stuck after an illness and having a hard time moving forward. Homeopathy can help facilitate movement and we look at the different areas a client may be stuck. This is not a new discovery but it’s coming up a lot in my practice lately and I thought I would share. #stuck #clearing #postviral
03/24/2022 07:43
In my element ???? Have a lovely weekend and try to do something that brings you joy! #naturelover #springtimevibes #hikingadventures #dogwalkingadventures
03/20/2022 12:25
Praying and cleansing with flowers. #pray #cleanse #energyhygiene
03/03/2022 03:36
One of my favorite ????sustainable brands @kesnyc shot by @datoquica absolutely love this dress ????
02/21/2022 02:05

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