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@officiallouistheroux joining @ritaora @erionveliaj in Albania for an incredible show ❤️ watch now on BBC iplayer ????
11/30/2022 11:32
Congratulations @taikawaititi and Daniel Craig love this!! ???????????? Music by @ritaora @officialgiggs Special thanks to @christinecentenera @justinoshea ???????????? go watch now ????
11/10/2022 09:45
Thank you @kazutoshi.endo sooo delicious ???? the best eating experience i have ever had ???????????? the whole teams service, every ingredient sourced individually from the fish to the beef to the vegetables, he even flew in water to make the rice! (From his own farm) so beautiful thank you ????????????
11/04/2022 12:10
Join us in Düsseldorf for the @mtvema @taikawaititi @ritaora wooohoooo ✨✨✨ NOV 13th
10/25/2022 07:01
@monotofficial @elimizrahi @rosiehw @ritaora ????✨???????????? @germanlarkin ????
10/14/2022 05:15
Triple trouble and amazing show by @ddlovato ???????????????? with extra special surprise by @ashleesimpsonross ????
09/29/2022 05:14
Rocking Rio WOW truly one of the best audiences I have ever seen and a master class in performance by @ritaora @rockinrio BRAZIL ???????? you know how to do it ???????????????????????????? can not wait to come back!!!
09/12/2022 07:36
08/01/2022 07:35
Showtime!!! Thank you @erionveliaj for organising this celebration for the people to celebrate Tiranë as the European Youth Capital of 2022 ????❤️ See you there ????
07/20/2022 10:55
Hot girl summer in full swing ????????????
07/16/2022 02:26

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