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ok i am feeling a lot of feelings AHH THIS DICKINSON EPISODE. IT MAKES MY HEART SING (literally singing takes places, it’s gorgeous, @haileesteinfeld will make u cry, @annabaryshnikov will make u howl with laughter, @adrian.blake.enscoe i don’t know what to do w austin rn) @bykeithpowell thank u for giving us your everything during those wild and very special days. HOLDING ON IS OUT ‼️ THIS IS A SONG ABOUT USING SEX AS A BALM TO SMOOTH OVER THE PROBLEMS IN A RELATIONSHIP. ITS ABOUT CYCLING A ROUND ABOUT OF DENIAL FRUSTRATION ACCEPTANCE AND BACK TO DENIAL AGAIN. ITS PRODUCED BY MY LOVE @tingalayo AND MIXED BY MY PRINCE @patrickdillett EU TE AMO BRAZIL!!!! wow it’s a full moon a lunar eclipse i did not plan this but the symbolic relevance cannot b ignored @nazriahi i adore you. beyond words. i adore you. to the whole holding on video creative team thank u for bring a TREE INTO MY HOME and allowing me to LITERALLY DRAGGG IT THRU MY HOUSE and then for putting my house back together again! but really thank you for everything, making these videos with you was a dream come true. OK, i am just very happy, thank you for listening, thank you for watching. ????❤️ (link in bio to watch and listen more!)
11/19/2021 10:43
11/19/2021 05:49
thank youuu @miumiu ???? swipe right for a #triptych tease ???? HOLDING ON IS OUT FRIDAY ‼️
11/17/2021 06:55
HOLDING ON ???? 19/11/21 ???? the first single from my debut e.p Triptych comes out this FRIDAY ❤️‍????
11/15/2021 06:02
for this occasion i chose SASS thank you @btwfoundation and @domperignonofficial for having me ????????
11/14/2021 08:39
had the best time of my yung life playing onscreen pregerz ???????? the first 3 episodes of @dickinson s3 are out now ❤️‍???? (swipe for another trailer pregnaboogie)
11/08/2021 07:24
Happy 100th birthday @chanelofficial No. 5 ❤️‍???? this was such a beautiful evening, thank you for having me!!! .. I particularly loved my eyemakeup for this event but unfortunately it didn’t really translate in the red carpet photos and therefore I decided to do a photoshoot in my bathroom when i got home. Swipe for bathtime. ????
11/07/2021 05:29
ONE BIG DUMP OF DICKINSON FAMILY LOVE. ❤️‍???? These kind, wildly talented, devoted, thoughtful, FUNNY humans made a show about the Great American poet Emily Dickinson and I think you should watch it!!! @dickinson @appletvplus
11/05/2021 02:11
after several weeks of me spamming your Instagram I know you know that the first 3 episodes of Dickinson Season 3 - OUR FINAL SEASON - come out tomorrow. I truly hope that you watch it - so many glorious kind exceptional people worked on it and making this season soothed with tiger balm like quality my post 2020 anxiety, exhaustion and grief. To say that I am thankful for this show is a wild understatement. But whether you choose to watch or not you can still find space for some Emily in your life. Even my cats think you should read @dickinson ????❤️????
11/04/2021 11:13
I LOVE THEM. ❤️‍???? @dickinson
11/03/2021 09:41

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