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Our crew pulled off the unimaginable through a raging pandemic, bringing their abundance of talent and diligence over a whopping 9 months. Season 2 is a true showcase of their skill. And quite literally would not have happened without them. It is easy to see the effortless opulence in our show, but it takes a copious amount of effort. The time and thought spent crafting each prop, sculpting every wig, painting murals, lighting sets, designing FOOD etc. is a wonder to behold. I was lucky enough to have a front row seat to watch their brilliance in action. Raise your vodka shot to the creative forces behind THE GREAT! And enjoy more BTS shenanigans. @hulu @thegreathulu
11/27/2021 06:33
Pregnancy cravings ????????????????????????
11/21/2021 11:49
Mummy has arrived. Was a joy working with the ???? that is THE GREAT @gilliana
11/21/2021 03:12
Me explaining to Nick what “acting” is. He got the hang of it eventually ???? @nicholashoult
11/20/2021 05:35
TOMORROW all tricks will be revealed!!!! Season 2 drops on @hulu
11/18/2021 03:42
11/16/2021 10:17
@entertainmentweekly WATCH THE POWER POSITIONS SWITCH THIS SEASON ON THE GREAT!!!! ONLY 3 MORE DAYS EEEEK!!!! @nicholashoult @thegreathulu @hulu
11/16/2021 10:08
Got to be your stylist for the night @samanthamcmillen_stylist ????????
11/16/2021 05:32
THIS. WOMAN. My Mama Unicorn won STYLIST OF THE YEAR tonight. But Samantha McMillen is my stylist of the year every day! We cried as I finally watched her step into the deserving spotlight. We have worked closely for 10 years. She is family. Samantha treats each of her clients with love, respect, and most importantly KINDNESS! I love you. THIS IS YOUR NIGHT TO SHINE IN YOUR EXQUISITE GOWN! Thank you for asking me to join and celebrate all that is the wonderful you.????????
11/16/2021 12:02
InStyle Awards Tonight! That @laurabrown99 sure does know how to throw a shindig celebrating the top artists, creatives, and icons in our wonderful industry!
11/16/2021 11:56

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