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Today on the pod, @donatella_versace , sorry, THE Donatella Versace discusses how she breaks fashion rules, Gianni and his legacy and what being a Versace woman is really all about.
01/17/2023 12:47
???????????? ????‍♀️
01/02/2023 06:24
36 hours in ???????? for the most incredible performer alive today: Mi reina @rosalia.vt ! Rosalía! eres una diosa absoluta. ¡gracias por tenernos! motomami para siempre ????️❤️‍????????
12/19/2022 04:27
PIRELLI 2023 I can’t even tell you when I began dreaming of being in the @pirelli calendar, because I think always saw it as an unattainable fantasy. Pirelli images represented the experience I wanted from modeling but so rarely got: being apart of something that felt more like art than advertising or even fashion, something sensual yet beautiful that honored the women in the images.It’s been a magical year of surreal moments, but being lensed by @emmasummerton as one of her muses, (“The Writer” at that!) might top them all. For the picture Emma took inspiration from the John Berger quote that opens my book, but I think there are many levels of meaning to the mirror in this context.Thank you to the entire team @pirelli, @piergiorgio for including me, @emmasummerton for these amazing pictures and the incredible group of artists (@hiromi_ueda @eugenesouleiman ) who came together to perfect every detail in these images. Being on set was a truly extraordinary experience. Thank you!
12/12/2022 06:43
10/25/2022 01:15
tan lines by @inamoratawoman
09/19/2022 10:17
Windy sunset with my Tory family. Love you all. This was v special ????????????
09/14/2022 03:56
can you tell we had fun seeing Benito last night?! ????????????❤️ @badbunnypr
08/29/2022 03:32
08/20/2022 12:27
@MiuMiu girl. Photographed by @tyronelebon for #MiuMiuFW22 #MiucciaPrada
07/21/2022 08:12

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