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Me encanta cuando hablas en español Eva.Un saludo desde España
03/25/2023 02:30
I love all of your dresses!! ???????? also realizing you’re just gorgeous and make the dresses look great ✨
03/20/2023 05:04
This don't look like Eva
03/14/2023 04:08
Hola bbcita
03/09/2023 02:10
I‘m still not over this tattoo!!❤️ It makes me so happy!????????❤️
03/03/2023 01:22
I have no idea....but...that dress is amazing!!!!!!!
02/25/2023 09:12
Eva, you are insanely beautiful! Never use injections and stuff! You're young, irresistible! You have to act in music videos, in shows, you have to be on the move, people like you are changing the world! Change it!)
02/07/2023 05:52
When I try to use this as my morning mantra but I’m not really feeling it. But I try anyway.
01/13/2023 10:10
Deep Thoughts…Is this a good hair day…? Or …. a ….bad hair day…? Hmmmm…That is the question…
01/09/2023 11:15
The sponge lady is back with a vengeance and we have our first sale of the year on @skurastyle. Link in bio ????
01/03/2023 06:30

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