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"She looks like Cleopatra and a graceful swan made love and ended up on the cover of Vogue" well, thank you guys ???? watch @vancityreynolds , @therock and myself try to describe each other to a forensic sketch artist #RedNotice @netflixfilm
11/24/2021 07:38
11/24/2021 08:10
11/22/2021 05:58
What happens when you cast me with the two funniest men ever? well, I crack up, a lot! ???????????? #RedNotice bloopers are here! @therock @vancityreynolds @rawsonthurber @netflixfilm @netflix
11/21/2021 09:16
Thank you for all these amazing artworks ???? Can't wait to bring this fascinating character to life ????
11/19/2021 08:45
11/18/2021 07:44
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11/17/2021 08:07
@allgoodles is HUGE ???? I'm so excited to bring you what we have been working on for so long. GOODLES is a gooder Mac & Cheese - one that’s packed with nutrients and super yummy! ???? Honestly this is the best tasting mac I've ever had.   Click the link in my bio to check it for yourself! — GG, Founding Partner
11/16/2021 07:57
Amazing news - RED NOTICE is officially the biggest opening weekend in @netflix history and the #1 movie in the world! Thank you to all of you who watched it, liked it, shared it, I'm so grateful to see all of your wonderful responses from around the world  ????❤️ let's keep it going... #RedNotice @therock  @vancityreynolds @rawsonthurber @netflixfilm
11/16/2021 06:17
I'm out ✌
11/15/2021 07:55

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