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@allgoodles ????
05/16/2022 05:36
Wow! ⚡✨ Your love for this incredible character never cease to amaze me, I'm so grateful and honored to see all of these beautiful artworks! ????❤️
05/15/2022 05:13
05/12/2022 05:40
Hi guys! I'm teaming up with @swau_official to sign autographs and spread some love ❤️ head over to my story to find out more
05/10/2022 07:26
Happy mother's day Ima! ???? I'm so lucky to have my mom by my side on this crazy journey, to give me strength, to share her knowledge and to show me her endless love and support. She is my rock and my comfort. And to all you incredible moms out there - you are the power that move this earth, thank you! #MothersDay
05/08/2022 05:42
We took a little family vacation before the next adventure ????☀️❤️ Just the five of us, some good food and a whole lot of nature. Now I'm more than ready to jump into a new exciting project.
05/01/2022 07:02
Yom Hashoa. Holocaust Remembrance Day. This is my grandpa, Abraham Weiss, he was born as Adolf Weiss but changed his name after the war for obvious reasons. My grandpa was born in Czechoslovakia also known as the Czech Republic. His father was drafted into the army and never returned, and so his mother was left with 2 young boys, Abraham, My grandpa, and Benjamin. After a long journey on the train to Auschwitz, being squeezed together with an inhuman amount of people in a railroad car, he was separated for the last time from his mother and younger brother. In what is called “the selection”. He never saw them again. In no time he became a 13 year old orphan who spent every day trying to survive, the sights he saw, the horrors he went through are unimaginable. For years he didn’t talk about it, only after my grandma passed he realized how short life is and how important it is to tell the story so history will never repeat itself.   NO ONE, should ever be oppressed or persecuted for their race, religion or for any reason. That’s my take on life. My grandpa‘s legacy lives deep in my heart. He loved people, he believed in them and he respected people for who they are. He came from the darkest, most oppressed place and with a seed of hope he built himself a new life in Israel.  I pray that we, as humans, will come together and stop the bloodshed, everywhere and forever. I pray for our children to have a normal, positive and fruitful future where people come together, and where we let hope and love rule the world. Remember and never forget #WeRemember
04/27/2022 06:47
I am so honored to front the new BOTANICA - Blue Book 2022 collection and to wear these unbelievably beautiful pieces. This is a new era at @tiffanyandco, and I am extremely happy to be a part of this iconic brand and its legacy #TiffanyBlueBook #TiffanyHighJewelry
04/22/2022 06:33
It's all falling into place ... GOODLES is now at Target! ???? ???? ????
04/21/2022 06:00
When you can't show your costume but still need to walk around set ???? #TB
04/20/2022 06:31

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