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Are you ready for #TUDUM? ????Tune in June 17 on @Netflix’s YouTube to watch the first ever sneak peek at Heart Of Stone! I’m so excited ????
06/01/2023 02:41
05/28/2023 02:24
Hey Hey... Elote! ???????? @allgoodles GG, Founding Partner
05/23/2023 04:51
05/09/2023 07:48
Feeling so grateful…Thank you for the love. On my special day I wish you all Happiness, health and love ❤️ XG
04/30/2023 02:50
“I don’t know about god, but I believe in people, in the power of one’s decision to do good“Today we had the honor and privilege of hosting Celina Biniaz, a local holocaust survivor who came to share her powerful and unbelievable story with our family and friends. Hearing her testimony about the horrors she and her family went through and seeing the strong inspiring woman she became, left no dry eye in the room. At the end of her testimony Celina looked to me and said - “life is just like what you said in your Wonder Woman movie- only love can save the world” and this moment will stay with me forever. Her powerful testimony was followed by a moving performance by @tomeradaddi who sang some of the beautiful songs symbolizing this day in Israeli culture.Thank you @zikaronbasalon for helping us put this event together and for keeping the memory alive in a meaningful, accessible way, allowing survivors to share their testimonies with small groups in intimate events in over 65 countries all over the world.There are fewer and fewer survivors each memorial day and by the year 2035 there will no longer be any survivors left to tell their stories it is our responsibility to keep sharing these stories, for ourselves and for the world - to hear, to know, to learn.To never forget…@zikaronbasalon_global???? @tori.time
04/17/2023 05:26
I'm ready to for it to be summer again ☀️????
04/13/2023 04:51
Always got time for T ✨ @tiffanyandco
04/10/2023 06:36
Jump ????️????????‍♀️
03/29/2023 05:47
03/25/2023 12:44

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