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Ahhh I love it!!!!!! I’m so glad you made it and enjoyed it.
01/28/2023 04:54
No matter which way you wear them, they are the best I’ve ever tried @goop eye masks????️
01/21/2023 11:00
Today we’re launching a special project that we’ve been working on quietly for some time. The goop Pursuit is an @audible Original collection made up of four standalone audio installments. Each one explores a different pillar of life: how we experience pleasure and sex, how we find beauty, how we navigate major life changes, and how we begin to heal in a sick society. We partnered with four iconoclastic hosts—Penda N’diaye, Jodie Patterson, Thema Bryant, and Will Siu—who guide you on their deeply meaningful journeys. And you’ll also hear a bit from me and other goop editors along the way. I hope these stories and the wisdom of our hosts resonate with you, too. Link in bio to listen.
01/12/2023 06:58
Wrapped up 2022 with a lot of ❤️ and a little bit of ????
01/01/2023 12:16
Recs for amazing novels please
12/16/2022 04:29
The River Cafe in London (one of my favorite restaurants in the world) is helmed by my dear old friend Ruthie Rogers, a true food pioneer. Ruthie had me on her podcast @ruthiestable4 which is out today on iHeart or wherever you get your pods.
12/13/2022 02:53
I started @goop 14 years ago and it is surreal to say that today we have won Brand of The Year from @wwd. I am so proud of who we are, what we are building, and what’s to come. We are embarking on THE most exciting phase we have ever had, it is beyond thrilling to see what we can do. Thank you @wwd for the award and thank you to my incredible team for showing up to help move our company forward, I have big love for you all.
12/08/2022 01:49
Tinted balms are my absolute favorite way to wear lip color, which is why I am so excited to announce that we reimagined our bestselling clean lip balms in two new wintry tones. Peony is a subtle pink; Tomato, a translucent red. These shades look good on literally everybody, and they really brighten up your whole face. They also feel incredible: cushy, moisturizing, and nourishing, with the creamiest slip, the smoothest finish. Link in bio to shop. ​P.S. They make a rad stocking stuffer—I’m giving the set to so many people on my list.
11/20/2022 05:17
Tech neck is real, so I’ve been using the @CopperFit Rapid Relief Neck & Shoulder Wrap (it’s been a total game changer for me). Whether I want to be wrapped in hot or cold therapy, I can do it while on the go. Shop it at the link in @copperfit’s bio.
11/14/2022 07:05
When Brad was just my boyfriend, I started a tradition of making him breakfast every Saturday morning. Coming up with surprising menus, the prepping and cooking was a way for me to disconnect with the other stresses of my life and direct my focus on my boyfriend! It became this very special moment for us. They are called #boyfriend breakfasts to this day. Link in bio for one of my frittata recipes.
10/15/2022 11:33

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