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First pun of the season incoming......did my first workout of the year today, and thankfully MuscleTech has got my back! Don't groan....I know you love it.    Seriously, though, MuscleTech has a range of whey products to choose from and I’ve decided to go with the Platinum Whey + Muscle Builder (creatine being the key ingredient here) for the opening of my new training regime. I've taken some good time off and the mountain lies in front me, so building up my ATP reserves for more intense workouts (next week) and better recovery is just the thing I need to kick start the climb!    Take the first steps up your own mountain gently my friends, but then get after it, and enjoy the climb! Edit: actually I believe that was not a pun...twas a dad joke.....I was drunk on endorphins. Forgive me. First pun of the season is yet to come. How exciting.   #ExcellentPuns @MuscleTech
01/10/2022 11:59
I like to go radio silent over the Christmas period. Gives me time to be myself and spend quality time with the people who are in front of me. It also allows for full focus on the Christmas cooking! Of which a lot was done! My brother and I spent a lot of time around the big green egg! All the food we put on there just won't fit into this post so you'll just have to imagine it! The Christmas dinner cook was the most taxing, but the most rewarding. I got a heritage Turkey this year, and will defo do that again! Soooooo good, especially when cooked very slowly at low temps covered in bacon! As fun as all that eating and drinking was, it's time to get into my training for this New Year! Tomorrow it all begins anew, and with renewed vigour!
01/10/2022 12:37
#TheWitcher #NewYork #USA
12/16/2021 09:10
Mr Josh Horowitz, ladies and gents. I absolutely love talking to this man. There are a few thousand of you who saw this interview live and I'm sure there will be some more who can catch it on, but just wanted you to know that Josh is the man. #TheWitcher @JoshuaHorowitz #IGN
12/15/2021 06:53
Madrid, you are fantastic! I miss you already. I cannot wait for next time. #Madrid #Spain #TheWitcher
12/12/2021 06:58
That moment when you're halfway through an answer on the complexities and nuance of Sapkowski's writing, and the importance of representing it accurately, and you realise that you're in Madrid again, but you won't be able to see Madrid....again. Next time, my Spanish friends, hopefully I can sample the joys of your city! Thank you for being such wonderful hosts! #Madrid #TheWitcher #NextTime
12/10/2021 07:01
What an incredible audience! Thank you to all the fans in Madrid tonight who listened patiently to my loooooong translator had a very difficult job!! #Madrid #TheWitcher
12/10/2021 12:26
The London portion of the press is complete! Thank you to all you journalists from around the world for zooming in, or indeed interviewing me in person. I always appreciate the work put into good questions. Madrid, I shall see you soon! #TheWitcher
12/08/2021 10:49
Leg day today! Haven't done them in a while so I will probably suffer a wee bit! But I've got my Amino Build, which you can see is oh so naturally located just over my shoulder! (Fancy that). The BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) found in Amino Build will assist in making sure I experience muscle protein synthesis rather than muscle protein breakdown! Which is mucle breakdown Vs muscle repair and building! Obviously I prefer the building and repair. #AminoBuild #LegDay @MuscleTech
12/05/2021 10:52
Says everything on the tin, right there.
12/02/2021 02:10

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