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11/25/2021 02:15
Repost from @slash • Go behind-the-scenes of the River Is Rising video shoot. Out now at the link in bio. #slashnews
11/23/2021 04:32
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Dirty Pink and Black Wolf Beanies are live - from So iLL x On The Roam. @soill @soillcanada #soill �#ontheroam #dirtypink #blackwolf
11/19/2021 04:43
I am so in love with these gloves, so comfortable and look just as good. WWII inspired, cut with the same tools that made the ones for the soldiers who fought and died 80 years ago. Own a piece of history, put them to work and look good doing it. 100% made in the USA . Aloha J Link in bio @prideofgypsies @nashmotorcycleco @onthroam @vermontglove @electric @getpaths ???? @da_bray #usa #gloves #madeinuse #WWII #glove #ontheroam #getpaths #usamade #???????? #leather #fashion #style #work #ride #history #nashmotorcycleco #nashmotorco #honor
11/17/2021 10:34
Check this out! Next week we are releasing these WWII inspired gloves cut with the same tools that cut the ones for the solders who fought and died 80 years ago. Aloha J @prideofgypsies @nashmotorcycleco @electric @onthroam @vermontglove @getpaths #usa #gloves #madeinuse #WWII #veterans
11/12/2021 01:46
Raise your voice for wolves! Gray wolves are under attack in America. Idaho and Montana have authorized the killing of up to 90% of their wolf populations. A hunt in Wisconsin saw over 200 wolves killed in just 60 hours. But we have the power to stop the slaughter, by putting the gray wolf back on the Endangered Species List. Please visit and join me in urging the Biden Administration to #RelistWolves now! @secdebhaaland @potus @usinterior @wolves_of_the_rockies @senderfilms
11/10/2021 09:29
The Dirty Pink Drifter. A mid-top fit, organic cotton upper, and aggressive outsole that's built to roam. Available for preorder now. @prideofgypsies @soillcanada �@milesclarkphoto��� #soill #ontheroam #takehold #drifter #dirtypink�
11/08/2021 09:43
i’m so proud of my friend @poem_tv. love u brother congratulations Repost from @poem_tv • Super excited to have Future People now available for rent or purchase on @appletv @amazonprimevideo @googleplay as well as the continued streaming on @discoveryplus Grateful for all the positive feedback and for all those who helped bring this film to life! Appreciate all of your support! Rent it today! Future People is a story about identity, nature vs. nurture, and the evolution of the modern family. Filmed over 8 years, Future People follow a group of adolescents who connect with each other after learning they are all children of the same sperm donor. As they come of age, the search for their identity forms, while the mystery of their biological father depends. So much gratitude to my brother Jason Momoa @prideofgypsies for all the love and support executive producing this film @joelshearer for the beautiful music Carlos Rivera: editor @darinaart for the epic poster / animation design @endeavor for all continued support And for all the families who made this possible???????? For more info visit:
11/04/2021 10:10
Repost from @gatherfilm • Today’s the day - the start of #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth in the US and the launch of @gatherfilm on @Netflix. There’s a ton of work we need to do this month, to highlight all the battles beings waged (and won) all over Indian Country. But at the same time, this is always a month to raise basic awareness and education - and Gather is a prime tool for that. Please tag friends, family, organizations and politicians - as we highlight the work of those in the film and those working with their communities. Give our cast a follow if you haven’t already: @apachefarmer @twila_cassadore_ @nephi_craig @cafe_gozhoo @elsiedubray @sammygensaw @ancestral_guard @fndi303 @heron_hill @rayezaragoza @apachepeoplesfarm @jonlukegensaw @prideofgypsies @brianandrewmendoza @renan_ozturk @tanya_meillier @mrsanjayr @michael_a_levine @daharbfilm @jenbuffett @peterbuffett @sterlinharjo @kaayjaaybeee @frau_mit_katze @shaandiin @taylorfreesolo Alex Meillier @monumentreleasing @chzamag @calebheller #sowindigenous #indiancountry
11/02/2021 10:10

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