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Bom dia! Que nossa semana seja incrível. Falta pouco para comemorarmos um novo ciclo ????
12/19/2022 02:59
⏯ P A U S A ⏯Interrupción breve de una acción o movimiento.
08/20/2022 07:53
07/12/2022 11:10
How freeing it feels to love yourself ???? what a journeys it's been a couple years ago. If you've followed me for a while you know that i've been struggling with eating disorders caused by judgements of the industry and the fear of not being able to work if I gain a healthy weight. People texting me, asking for how I've overcome my eating disorder and feel so comfortable and confident in my skin. Back then i was not in a good mental state, i struggled with panic attacks when agents asked me to come in for measurements and i realized this had to stop before I get really sick, so i focused on meditation, yoga, journaling and saw a therapist to talk about my fears. It's not easy to go deep into your emotions, but it's necessary to understand yourself and make appropriate changes. My family and friends were also a really big part of this journey and supported me in any way possible which I'm forever grateful for.????Your daily reminder: You are beautiful, you are doing your best and don't be too strict on yourself. You got this, love xx Alisa #reels #reelitfeelit #fyp #bodypositivity
07/01/2022 12:55
¡No te pierdas la presentación de Maria Becerra con una experiencia 360 ESTE JUEVES!???? @ATT te invita a vivir este momento estés donde estés. #PTMU  #ad
06/21/2022 07:17

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