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2003 ish? Whoa.
02/24/2021 12:34
Throwback sent to me by my girl @margaretqualley . I miss directing you, MQ. You’re a fierce and special one. ♥️
02/21/2021 03:41
Happiness is nothing if not shared. Same goes for success. And also guacamole but that’s for another time. I’m here to discuss my friend - and producing/writing/cuddling partner - @katierosesilberman. After Booksmart, Katie could have done anything she damn well wanted, and yet agreed to come on board Don’t Worry Darling - one of the more challenging and complex restructuring and inventing jobs we’ve ever experienced. I told her I was thinking about acting in it too (insanity red flag) and she told me to go for it, and that she’d have my back every step of the way. And she MEANT IT. As producers, we pitched the hell out of this movie, navigated an 18 studio bidding war, dug into rewriting, survived every kind of set-back you can imagine, and ultimately ended up with a movie we are deeply proud of. Directing is the best job in the world, but there is nothing better than working with a brilliant writer/producer who is always willing to evolve with the project, from casting to the final edit. It’s no secret Katie is the kindest, most prolific, fastest, most versatile screenwriter in Hollywood. But most of you don’t know how incredible it feels to be her best friend. She is also an extraordinary mother. She is basically a Nora Ephron fantasy and I’m so lucky to warm my heart in her glow. She has scraped me off the floor this year in more ways than one, and I’m so grateful for her faith in me, every single day. You’re the ???? @katierosesilberman . Talk to you in 5 mins. #dontworrydarling
02/20/2021 05:55
There are very few people on Earth as cool as @ariannephillips . It’s a fact. It’s science. When I asked her out on a date at Messhall Kitchen in Los Feliz in 2019, she was in the throws of awards season for her insanely fabulous work as costume designer of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, as well as running the rapidly growing and thriving @radvocacy, and yet she still took time to meet with me so I could pitch her my movie, and ask her hundreds of questions about Tarantino and of course Brad’s perfect moccasins. She was not only patient, kind, cool, and thoughtful, she was downright INSPIRING. I left the meeting with dozens of new ideas, challenged and lit UP. When she agreed to come on board to design Don’t Worry Darling, she was truly becoming my partner in storytelling, and would infuse our movie with her immaculate sense of style that was always grounded in deep narrative exploration. Our conversations felt like we were psychoanalyzing the characters - diving into their secret wants, habits, and astrological traits. Arianne taught me to have higher standards for the filmmaking process, while always encouraging me to fight for my ideas, and stay true to myself. She came up with one of my favorite sequences in the movie (involving the exquisite @ditavonteese) and always pushed me to keep creating even when the process was well under way. She also stuck with me when the movie got pushed a bunch of times. She never gave up on me and I’ll never forget it. I can’t wait to show you all what Arianne cooked up for this movie. It’s chic and delicious, as is she. ♥️ #dontworrydarling
02/19/2021 01:42

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