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What happened to her? She looks different.
03/17/2023 01:06
Goal to look like Tina at that age. ????
03/10/2023 07:30
I’m so protective of you especially when I see people picking you apart.. you are one of the very beautiful people in the whole universe inside and outside and I’m so glad you don’t let those people get to you.. you always have the grace to handle the negativity.. such a beautiful inspiration.. ❤️❤️
03/03/2023 05:00
She got it from her Mama!!! #twinsies???? #BeautifulSmiles
02/27/2023 02:09
interesting photos!
02/21/2023 02:07
Omg I’m so happy NOTHING has changed @jessicasimpson ???????????????? dying
02/10/2023 10:04
Found my 8th grade head cheerleader letter jacket ????????????
01/03/2023 12:53
Yesterday, Maxwell came home after visiting @animalrescueah and decided to make dog, cat, and rabbit treats for the whole gang! She then insisted we drop them off with some beds and toys so they could enjoy the spirit of Christmas the way she does. Her heart is beautiful and truly overflows with unparalleled empathy. She has asked me to send out an Instagram with info attached so these animals could possibly find their way into the lovin’ homes they all deserve!
12/24/2022 11:08
Faux-sure feeling festive with my beautiful family in this Holiday Season.
12/20/2022 02:49
Thank you @Emface for these camera ready results! #Emface#EmfacePartner#EmfaceTheNation#NeedleFree@drbriankinney@BTLAesthetics
12/07/2022 04:13

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